Rob Van Dam Talks NWA Legends Fanfest, Matches With Sabu & Lynn, Heat With Nash & More


Rob Van Dam was also recently interviewed by the In Your Head Wrestling podcast at

RVD opens the show with news that he will be attending the NWA Legends Fanfest this August in Atlanta, GA (Got to for ticket information).

Van Dam is excited to be there and cannot wait to see more of his wrestling fans and some legends in history. He called it the Wrestlemania of fanfests. He will be at NWA on the 6th, because there is a TNA PPV on Sunday. His friend Greg Price has been trying to get him to come for years, and this year it worked out.

Jack asked Van Dam if his match with Jerry Lynn at Destination X lived up to expectations. He enjoyed the competitive level and has received great feedback. He busted his eye and the crowd was hot. It was intense and the biggest props were backstage when the locker-room mentioned how good the match was. Dixie Carter, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff all gave him great feedback.

Jack asked if that was his first time in the six sided ring. He said he wrestled at Triplemania two weeks ago in Mexico in a six-sided ring. He says that there are more advantages because there are more corners and the ropes are tighter and easier to balance. He prefers the four-sided ring because that represents wrestling.

Jack asked his thoughts on Kevin Nash calling him out after calling himself and Jeff Hardy “rockstars.” Van Dan said Nash didn’t have any heat with him, because he said that both him and Jeff Hardy were rockstars in wrestling during another interview. Nash attacked him, but he didn’t and could have said a lot because he wasn’t the only one selling seats in the 90’s, and the wrestling world is completely different today. He liked Kevin before that and nothing has changed.

He was asked if he preferred the match with Sabu at Hardcore Justice or Jerry Lynn at Destination X. RVD said he enjoyed both. He re-watched the Sabu one, which he normally never does, and it was brilliant. The matches were different but he preferred more freedom with Sabu because of the Hardcore rules. The match with Jerry Lynn, they had to use more creativity to sneak in the chair spots. He wanted a three way between them and will send an email to Vince Russo.

Jack asked his thoughts on EV 2.0 & Hardcore Justice. RVD said it was a great night and moment. ECW will live forever, it was very exciting and the ratings and buy rates were much higher. The highest buy-rates in a long time were for that PPV. He thought they would stick around but they didn’t.

Jack asked if Paul Heyman would be more successful in wrestling now. RVD said Paul was a very intelligent man, his passion might be a bit wary now, but he still has it. Heyman is a smart businessman and creative person. RVD says Paul was the one guy in his whole career who really knew how to showcase RVD as something special and not just as another guy on the show.

RVD talks about the supposed youth movement in wrestling. RVD doesn’t really agree, as you don’t want a roster of all green guys. He said in WWE, that every week they would include everyone for talent meetings about how to sell and how to look at the hard camera, etc. because there were so many green guys on the card. But he said he and all the veterans already knew all of this. He also said Steve Keirn said you would normally have to be a 10-year pro before finally making it to WWE, and questioned why WWE brings in such young guys who are so green.

The interview ended there. RVD will be at the NWA Legends Fanfest on Saturday August 6th, signing autographs taking pictures. The entire NWA Fanfest will last from August 4th through the 7th in Atlanta, GA. Visit for ticket information.