Bill Demott Talks Austin, Goldberg, Tough Enough, Punk Vs. Cena Angle & More


IYHwrestling recently had Bill DeMott, aka Hugh Morris, on their show.

Jack asked how did he come up with the name “last laugh”? Bill DeMott said it came from one his moves. Bill explains the book shows how he gets the last laugh in life, and everyone will understand when they read it.

Jack asked why he chose Les Thatcher to write the forward? Bill said Les was an inspiration to him and has been in the wrestling business for years. Jack asked what the feedback for the book has been? Bill said he has had a lot of great feedback from fans, wrestlers and family members. Not all his family and friends have liked everything he wrote. Bill was very honest about his life in and out of the ring, but he”s happy to get comments good or bad.

Larry Higgins phoned in and asked what was it like to put Goldberg over in his first match? Bill said people who said he was dangerous were the ones who never wrestled him. In twenty years he said he is known for two things: putting over Goldberg and being the Tough Enough trainer. He was privileged and blessed to be part of the Goldberg streak. He has been a good friend and would do the wins all over again. Bill said being part of the business is helping it, and he was happy to help Goldberg and wrestling in general. Larry asked his thoughts on the Tough Enough kids? Bill said Skidmarks was Skidmarks, the kid who got it is the one who won it. He is training Andy at this time and hopefully he goes further in his career. His only concern is if Andy is mentally tough enough to be away from his family. He thinks it’s a good show. He wants a season two.

Jack asked his thoughts on the dynamics of Stone Cold and himself? Bill said he was announced at the last minute because of his reputation beforehand from DSW. People least expected the last trainer to be Bill DeMott. Him and Steve Austin had great chemistry, Steve is a class act. Steve Austin was the funniest son of a b—h he has ever known. Fun, sincere about the business and they both care about what they do. An honor and pleasure to work and now know each other better. Bill talked about the final 3 segment where Steve would brow beat the contestants as being a highlight.

Jack asked his thoughts that some people had indie experience and no experience? Bill said a clean slate was easier to mold. Bill said some people will say they’ve been wrestling for 5 years, but only had 30 matches. Jack asked his thoughts on Matt Cross getting eliminated so early? Bill joked they got death threats and had to have security from internet fans after they eliminated him. He said Matt understood why Matt got eliminated because he didn’t show what he had, he has spoken to him since. Bill has watched his matches on the internet since and thinks Matt is very talented. Trish gave Matt the opportunity to shine and he just didn’t do it. He told you will have to grab the opportunity. He is a super kid and staying busy. He might show up one day in the WWE.

Mike Holman phoned in and wanted to tell Bill DeMott he was a fan of him. What were his thoughts about the show being more scripted then the other season? Bill said he never had a script. They had nothing to do with the process of picking the contestants and never met any of them until they came off the bus. He was pissed off to find out so many reality TV participants were picked for the show.

Brainz phoned in and asked if Bill DeMott had any favorite comedy acts? He was a big fan of George Lopez. Jack asked if the phrase “funny doesn’t equal money” is accurate. Bill DeMott said there is not one funny guy on the roster except Hornswoggle, but he doesn’t earn anything. Brainz asked his opinion on Finlay being fired? Bill said he doesn’t have a opinion which he can state publicly. He is really good friends with him, he is a massive fan. Fontanna phoned in: Anybody on the independent circuit who deserves a shot in the WWE? Bill said half a million guys on the Indies think they are the next big thing. He is not sure who can stand out but some people need to be looked at. They need to really want it and they need to show us why they deserve a opportunity to be looked at, not necessarily a shot.