CM Punk Speaks Out: Leaving WWE, MITB, Miz Being Rehearsed, Jericho, New Theme


Source: The B.S. Report

As noted last week, ESPN’s Bill Simmons had CM Punk on his podcast last week after Punk returned on RAW. Here are highlights from the the interview:

Simmons opened up by mentioning CM Punk using “Cult of Personality” as his new theme since he wrote a big column on entrance music. Punk said the new song is “very permanent,” and feels like big changes in a character warrant things like a change in look, music, gear, etc. He gave props to Living Colour and said “Cult of Personality” fit where his character is. He said it was the only choice for a song, and came about as “a wink and a nod” to his ROH days when he used it. He said that he could have come out to “The Ice Cream Man” truck song and the fans would have “lost their sh-t.” He noted that MITB was his WrestleMania, and he’s in a position to do what he wants. He said it probably cost the company a lot of money, but he “was totally worth it.” He said it was a cool way to give back to the band Living Colour, since he’s been a fan of them for so many years.

Simmons called MITB “one of the best pay-per-views ever,” and asked about how long they planned to keep the angle going. Punk said that it would have been good to be off of television for as long as possible, but that SummerSlam is coming up and the company needed something for it and that this was the logical way to go.

Punk was asked about whether he would become a babyface due to his popularity. Punk said he’s going to just be himself, and that he’s never done anything formulaic.

“I grew very bored of pro wrestling for a very long time… and to a certain extent, I still am” said Punk. “I still watch certain guys on the roster and I wonder, man, how can you do the same thing day in and day out on all our house shows, so I’m constantly trying to do things different.”

When asked if he received any heat from the guys backstage, he said that he’s not trying to hurt anybody’s feelings or sabotage anybody, and that everything he says, he’s said to people’s faces.

Punk was then asked about his infamous promo on RAW in June and how much thought was put into it. Punk said that they knew they were going to cut the mic off, so he thought about he real he could make it.

“When I say it was a 100 percent real, I said it because it came from the heart,” he said. “It wasn’t anything anybody, including myself, put down on a piece of paper. I know what I can and can’t say, I know what going too far is and I went a little bit too far on a couple of things, but it wasn’t anything that was going to hurt business.”

He noted that things like saying hello to Colt Cabana would “jar” even “the most jaded wrestling fan.” He then said that some fans aren’t happy no matter what they do, and he wished that fans would wait for the story to unfold and that they’re doing a great job so far.

“I really just want to mess with everybody,” said Punk. “I wish everybody would shut up, sit back, and watch it unfold. I’m telling stories, and since about 2005, that’s all I’ve said, I’m a storyteller. I think we’re doing a great job so far. You can pick it apart and be an armchair booker and say what would be better, but until the tell-all book comes out, trust me, I’m dodging bullets and doing a very good job.”

Simmons asked if Punk had any doubt over the last six months if he was coming back.

“Absolutely, my mind was made up, I was done,” Punk revealed. “100 percent.” He went on to say that MITB changed that.