Michael Tarver Speaks Out – What Went Wrong, Problems With Cena, Nexus


Former Nexus member Tyrone Evans (a/k/a Michael Tarver) was a guest on this week’s episode of Unplugged. You can listen to the full episode at this link (at the 43 minute mark). Highlights are as follows:

What the Nexus members were told prior to their Raw debut:

“Well actually, we didn’t know anything until the night we showed up at the arena. We weren’t told anything, we showed up pre show, did our usual rehearsals and right before the show started we got pulled into an office and we were told there was a decision made about The Nexus. Wade Barrett was approached and he approached the rest of us and we all sat down and had this very intense meeting and agreed not to tell anyone in the Locke room. Basically we were told if this leaked out, it was coast us our jobs but if we did it correctly, the potential could be unbelievable. When I walked out there, I can even describe the feeling of walking out through the crowed and seeing people’s reaction. When we left, the arena was like a cold, dead silence and no one left(the arena). Like I said, we weren’t told much until the very last minute and the rest of the lockeroom didn’t even know and they started questioning us when they saw us warming up at the end of the very last match of the night as everyone was about to leave and we come out and destroy everything…. They told us two things; destroy everything and don’t touch the cameras. Apparently during the melee, there was a fan, and if you remember there was a bell ringing and no one there to ring it, a fan had reached over the guard rail and started ringing the bell.”

What the Nexus members were told about the release of Daniel Bryan:

“There were a lot of things floating around as far as the reason for that: one being that he choked out someone with a tie,that he spit in John Cena’s face and we were never given deferent answer to why that happened, we were all surprised and we were all very much surprised at Summerslam when he came back. We kind of had a clue he was coming back but we weren’t sure and WWE is really good about keeping their storylines behind closed doors to protect them.. in most cases. We weren’t really told much; we were just very disappointed and surprised by it. I remember personally reaching out to him and never heard anything and I was like, “Ok, what’s going on” as I’m friends with him but you don’t know, it could have been a planned angle from the start.”

Who or What was meant to be The Nexus’s “Higher Power”?

“As far as the story when, we has gotten a hint that there had been someone pulling the strings behind Wade Barrett as what was told to us and what we had to portray. It never came to light, who or what it may be. There was a lot of speculation with fans as far as who was doing the talking and who was doing the writing and who was pulling the strings. There was a lot of things behind the scenes that the fans didn’t see that if they has seen, would have seen the Nexus in a new perspective on the entire thing.”

What lead to The Nexus being disbanded?

“We honestly did not know. As far as what happened, we did not understand why we had to lose at SummerSlam but we had to understand and appreciate being there. In my opinion, I felt we could have come away with the victory there and it wouldn’t have hurt any of the Superstars that we were working with because they were long sine established and we were just getting established. As far as Darren Young getting eliminated, we were never told why, the fans were never told why then Skip Sheffield had a really bad injury to his leg and then my injury as well.”