Pre-Rumble thoughts and storyline ideas


With today being Royal Rumble Eve, I thought I would take this opportunity to get away from the recap type blog entry and just make this about some possible scenarios from the special section (about 3/4) of my brain that is loaded with storyline ideas.
This first idea sets up the Undertaker Wrestlemania streak situation for this year. The rumored match from several sources at this time is CM Punk vs The Undertaker, which I’m totally okay with. But the question is, how do we get there? This idea isn’t actually an original idea of mine, but I like it enough to share it. It comes from a twitter follower of mine, who I believe is actually an older version of me. His name is Matt Lytle (@MattLytle). This idea would have John Cena interfere and cost The Rock the WWE Championship and have The Undertaker return and win the Rumble match, eventually picking CM Punk in a Respect vs Career match, and actually having Punk win clean at Mania. Will it happen? Very hard to tell. We don’t even know if The Undertaker will be in the Royal Rumble Match. My theory is: if he’s in it, he wins it.

This next plan is VERY far fetched. I’ll be the first to admit that. But recent reports have said that WWE is considering eliminating Smackdown-only Live events due to inability to draw numbers for these events. This leads me to a plan to unify the WWE and World Heavyweight Championships. Conveniently, there is a new WWE Championship just chillin’ out waiting to be debuted. Coincidence? Yeah, probably, but let me have my moment. But who would we see as the new Undisputed Champ? How about…The Man who holds the money in the bank briefcase AND is involved in the Royal Rumble match and could easily win it, that being Dolph Ziggler. Have Dolph win the rumble and WWE Championship, and then soon after, cash in the MITB Contract and win the World Title soon after. What a better way to use Dolph’s arrogance than to be the Undisputed championship. Remember the cockiness of the first Undisputed Champion? And how many years did Jericho remind us of beating The Rock and Stone Cold both in one night? As I said, the chances of this happening are very slim due to the conflict with other planned matches.

Another question going into ‘Mania season is what to do with Ryback. He’s certainly not going to be left off the Wrestlemania Card, but he also won’t win the Royal Rumble. But there is another monster who I believe is ready to return to the ring whenever the creative team is ready for him. His name is Mark Henry. Certainly Henry vs Ryback wouldn’t give us a Five-Star match, but for two big guys, these guys could produce a pretty entertaining bull fight.

My final thought, for now, is another angle for Mark Henry. If WWE is planning on going with the plan of someone being behind The Shield, it won’t be Punk. A better way to go is have someone who has been unable to raise hell on his own be behind the Shield. That, again, being Mark Henry. Now the only thing that pulls me away from this idea is the attack on The Rock. I don’t think WWE would waste their time having a Rock/Henry situation. All of the other attacks, though, I could see Henry being involved with.

I have plenty more I could talk about, and I still may before the Rumble starts, which is approximately 31 hours from now, by the way, but I’ll let the above sink in for now. Thanks for reading and I’ll catch everyone shortly after the Royal Rumble, if not before. Just a reminder, you can follow me on Twitter @colinkriegel. Thanks!