Final Hype for Elimination Chamber, Predictions


Howdy, Folks. Sorry for the absence. As you all know, tonight (in about an hour and a half) is the WWE Elimination Chamber Pay-Per-View event. Tonight’s matches include Tamina Snuka vs Kaitlyn for the Divas Championship, Antonio Cesaro vs The Miz for the US Title, The Elimination Chamber Match in which the winner will receive a World Heavyweight Title shot at Wrestlemania 29. Combatants in this match include Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho, Kane, Randy Orton, Jack Swagger, and Mark Henry. Also headlining the show is Alberto Del Rio vs Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship, The Shield vs Ryback, Cena, and Sheamus. And Finally, the likely final match of the show, CM Punk vs The Rock 2 for the WWE Championship. My Predictions for the matches are as follows (with further notes as needed).
We’ll start with the Divas Title: My choice is Kaitlyn, though I don’t really care one bit about this match (admit it, you don’t either). Miz vs Cesaro for the US Title: My pick goes for the Miz simply because his movie, The Marine 3: Homefront, comes out the first week of March, so why not have the star be your US Champion?
Next is Del Rio vs Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship…However, I still don’t want to believe Del Rio will be our World Champion going into Mania. Keep in mind, Dolph Ziggler is not on tonight’s match card and he has promised to cash in his briefcase between now and Wrestlemania. I expect this tonight, tomorrow, or the night of Wrestlemania itself.
Elimination Chamber match: This match is really up in the air for me. As a huge Jerichoholic I’d love to see Jericho win the match, but I just don’t see it happening. Therefore, I’m going with The Viper, Randy Orton (and hopefully a heel turn soon to follow).
Next up; The Shield vs Ryback, Cena, Sheamus. Call me crazy, but I’m not too hyped up for this match. I’d love to see the Shield come out on top, and I’d love to find out that somebody is behind the Shield. But knowing WWE, The good guys will walk out on top and they’ll destroy the credibility of The Shield quicker than they earned it. We can all pray for Cena’s heel turn, but it won’t happen, sorry.
Finally The Rock vs CM Punk for the WWE Championship. As you all know, I’d love for The Rock to break is leg (and i don’t mean I’m wishing him good luck). But, I think Punk comes *this* close but Rock walks out with the belt.
Key things to look for (but we probably won’t see): Brock Lesnar appearance, Dolph Ziggler cashing in the Money in the Bank Briefcase, some sort of screw job in one direction or the other in the Rock vs CM Punk match. Hope everyone enjoys the show tonight. I’m not expected to be on the edge of my seat, but hope for a surprise here or there and a decent show leading into the final stretch before Wrestlemania. Thanks for reading, and remember you can follow me on Twitter @colinkriegel.