Tonight’s Raw Looking Great…On Paper.


Happy Monday afternoon, all. quite a week it’s been in the wrestling world. On Tuesday, Jack Swagger was arrested for DUI and marijuana possession. Glen Beck called the WWE Universe stupid, and the story of the week is Undertaker’s return to the ring at a WWE Live Event in Texas this past weekend as he teamed with Sheamus to take on Damien Sandow and Wade Barrett.
This makes the already intriguing slate for Monday Night Raw look a little better on a night where we already have CM Punk vs John Cena for the right to face The Rock at Wrestlemania, a “Fight” between Paul Heyman and Vince McMahon, which inevitably will bring the likes of Triple H and Brock Lesnar onto the screen, And my favorite part; The Rock is not scheduled to appear tonight. My least favorite part: Chris Jericho is also off TV this week as he is on a 10 day tour with Fozzy.
Now there’s the question of what direction things will go with the whole Punk/Cena/Rock/Taker combination now that Undertaker tested the waters in Waco. Reports say that fans seemed to think Undertaker was getting around well and even gave him a “You still got it” chant. From the photos I’ve seen Undertaker was still able to walk the top rope and ended the match with the Tombstone. (As I’m typing this I see Biker Taker on my TV screen getting beat up by William Regal…So at least you can pretty much count that situation out tonight…I think?) There is always a chance Taker decided after his match that he can’t go and be taken out by somebody (likely the Shield) tonight, furthering the Shield’s impressive resume. Or Taker could have felt okay with the match and will set up something with Punk tonight. All we can do is wait and in 10 hours from now hopefully we know something. All I know is none of us know how the Undertaker feels and there’s really no video of his in-ring action at the live event in Waco, Texas.
EDIT*** 6:39 pm 2/25/13. Here is a link (courtesy of Youtube) to The Undertaker’s return match in Waco.
There is also no word on what action WWE will take on Jack Swagger for his arrest. I’m going to assume they go on as planned, except if Swagger was planned to win the title at Mania, he likely won’t win the match now. Another idea I thought of is taking Swagger off TV tonight. You could have Swagger totally incapacitate Del Rio to a point where General Manager Booker T comes out and suspends Swagger for his actions….And out comes Dolph Ziggler to cash in his Money In The Bank Briefcase. As much as I don’t want Ziggler cashing in on Raw, it is a way out of Swagger on TV if they wanted to go that way.
As I mentioned, the main event for tonight is Cena and Punk for the right to face Dwayne at Wrestlemania. I can’t say much until I know about the Taker situation, that is if WWE’s plans are still to have Punk and Taker if Taker goes. They could have went a different direction opponent wise by now anyway. This is one of those situations that could be very concealed, and I’m okay with having it be a surprise.
That’s about it for today. Tonight’s Raw certainly looks great on paper, especially with the added Taker hype. Whether we see him or not, hopefully everyone enjoys the show and I’ll talk to you all soon. Thanks for reading and remember to follow me on Twitter @colinkriegel. Thanks!