The Shield Shine On Smackdown Once Again


After their coming out party at WWE Extreme Rules this past Saturday, The Shield have been garnering a lot of attention within the WWE. That attention is being reflected by the type of matches that The Shield are taking part in. After facing Team Hell No and Kofi Kingston on Monday Night Raw, The Shield were a part of the Main Event on Friday Night Smackdown in a six-man tag match that included Randy Orton, Sheamus, and Kofi Kingston.

Though before the main event, there were several other matches and angles to take place on Smackdown.

Smackdown featured an edition of the “most must-see talk show in WWE history” with The Miz interviewing Fandango. The segment was interrupted when WWE intercontinental champion Wade Barrett entered the ring to voice his displeasure with both The Miz and Fandango.

That was the lead-in to the championship match between The Miz and Barrett as  Fandango remained at ringside while at the announce table. At one point during the match between The Miz and Barrett, Fandango and his dance partner Summer Rae went into a dance routine that saw The Miz react by attacking Fandango. Fandango responded by smacking The Miz, meaning Barretts lost via disqualification but was still the intercontinental champion.

After the match, Barrett and Fandango proceeded to attack The Miz. Though, Barrett wasn’t looking for help as he quickly turned his attention to Fandango and delivered a Bull Hammer Elbow on the Dancing With The Stars wanna-be.

The storyline regarding whether or not Daniel Bryan is the weak-link of Team Hell No continued on Friday. Bryan won via submission in his match against Jack Swagger on Friday, and applied the “No!” Lock  to Swagger once again once the match concluded.

WWE continued their test of strength gimmicks on Smackdown. This test featured Sheamus and Matt Striker. Damien Sandow challenged the two to untie “Gordian’s Knot.” Neither Sheamus nor Striker could do so, and the segment ended with Sheamus throwing Striker out of the ring onto Sandow.

An entertaining match between Chris Jericho and the Big Show ended when Big Show was unable to answer the 10-count after a Codebreaker by Jericho. After the match, Big Show attempted to attack Jericho with a steel-chair, though, Jericho managed to use the chair to his own advantage.

Prior to Curtis Axel’s victory against Sin Cara, Paul Heyman along with his new client addressed the WWE Universe on Friday. Heyman continued to hype Axel and his capability of being on the same level as CM Punk and Brock Lesnar. The pair also continued the HHH-concussion storyline.

A match that was meant to be between Dean Ambrose and Kofi Kingston for the United States championship turned into a six-man tag match.

The tag match featured the three members of The Shield–Ambrose, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns–against Kingston, Sheamus, and Randy Orton. The Shield once again used organized chaos to their advantage as the match ended when Ambrose pinned Kingston. Smackdown ended once again with The Shield prevailing over their opponent.