Brock Lesnar Returns And Attacks CM Punk


Forget WWE SummerSlam, WWE is wasting no time to begin the feud between CM Punk and Brock Lesnar.

Earlier on Monday Night Raw, it was decided that CM Punk would face Alberto Del Rio in the main event. The important thing to note about that match is that Punk no longer wanted Paul Heyman to be in his corner.

Heyman conceded to Punk’s wishes and was not at ringside during the match. The match between Punk and Del Rio ended when the World Heavyweight Champion refused to get back in the ring after Punk hit the GTS.

As Del Rio was leaving the stage, he was attacked by Dolph Ziggler. Del Rio retreated backstage and Ziggler followed.

The cameras returned to CM Punk as the referee was acknowledging his victory. That is one the music for Lesnar hit.

Lesnar entered the arena and paced around the ring. Upon entering the ring, Lesnar proceeded to grab a microphone. Lesnar dropped the microphone without saying a single word and delivered a F5 to Punk.

That is what capped an excellent edition of Monday Night Raw.

The feud between Punk and Lesnar is likely going to be one for the ages. This feud is going to include Heyman and will be one of the best storylines for the Money in the Bank pay-per view.

It will be interesting to see how WWE plays out the feud between Lesnar and Punk. This is a feud that has the potential to last the entire summer and unlike Lesnar’s feud with Triple H, this one will not grow stale.