Why TNA Would Be Better Off If Sting Left The Company


Image Courtesy of IMPACTWRESTLING.com!

As was seen on Thursday night’s Impact Wrestling, Sting lost a title match with his contract on the line. Following a lot of interference, Magnus pinned “The Icon”, then ripped his contract to shreds over his motionless body.

There are many reports out there that this may have been the end of Sting in TNA, and that the time for him to join WWE has finally come.

This would be good for Sting, as some time in WWE and a match at WrestleMania would be great add-ons to his already rich legacy. It would also be good news for the WWE. Sting is regarded by some as the greatest wrestler to never wrestle for Vince McMahon. It would be a great addition for them, especially with the WWE Network coming out, and Sting’s ties to all the WCW content that will be available. What about TNA?

TNA is losing, arguably, their biggest star. Along with the exit of AJ Styles, that would be two of their biggest stars leaving in just over a month’s time. However, it’s not all bad, in fact, it might even be good news.

TNA seems about set to undergo a retooling. Dixie Carter has just about said as much in her teases for the signing of The Wolves. This is long overdue, and as much as Styles and Sting have meant to the company in their time there, it’s just time for them to go. It’s like when a sports team rebuilds, the Boston Celtics didn’t want to trade Paul Pierce this past year, he played there his whole career, but they felt that it was in their best interest to move on.  That’s how TNA needs to look at the situations with Styles and Sting.

The biggest thing moving forward is getting young talent over. #Impact365 is a great idea, social media allows for wrestlers to show more of their character than they ever could before.

Magnus is a prime example of young talent that needs to get over. He was close to getting over as a face, then they turned him heel, people don’t like him but he’s not over. People don’t believe him as a champion. He needs a good clean win against a solid title contender, I suggest Samoa Joe. If they handle him right, he will make big money down the line.

The incoming tag-team, The Wolves should spark some new fire into that division. We’re not talking about Gunner and James Storm, or the Bro-Mans, two teams that got thrown together. The Wolves, under the name The American Wolves, have traveled the world together, and they are a true tag-team. They should be the next champions.

TNA has plenty of complimentary pieces, but they have some prime players that are ready to be stars. Now it’s time for the company to do what they have to do to make them stars.

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