Impact Wrestling Review: 2/13/2014


Dixie Carter promo

Dixie comes to the ring with Magnus, EC3 and Rockstar Spud. Dixie says that by just looking at her and her beauty, you can tell she lost no sleep over MVP’s threats from last week. Before she introduces Magnus, who works up a lot of heat from his hometown crowd. Magnus then turns his attention to MVP and tells him that he needs to learn about the pecking order. Magnus talks tough, until MVP makes his way out with Samoa Joe. MVP mocks Magnus for saying he can’t be bought. MVP then talks about Joe, who is the #1 contender for Magnus’ title. MVP then officially makes Magnus vs. Joe for the title at the Lockdown pay-per-view, but out comes Gunner. Gunner mocks Magnus as a “paper champion”, but he warns Magnus that he will be cashing in his feast-or-fire briefcase for a chance at the title next week. Dixie then makes a match between EC3 and Gunner for Gunner’s briefcase, but MVP also puts EC3’s tag team title briefcase on the line. MVP warns EC3 that if he does anything to gain an advantage, he will come back out to even the playing field.

My Take: Really crowded segment, a lot going on. They potentially made three matches, but only one of them is happening tonight. That’s way too much.

Gunner vs. EC3 (Ladder Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Champion and TNA Tag Team Championship Feast-or-Fire Briefcases)/Gunner and James Storm vs. EC3 and Magnus (Ladder Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Champion and TNA Tag Team Championship Feast-or-Fire Briefcases)/Mr. Anderson backstage

Magnus came out and attacked Gunner, but Storm came out and made the save for Gunner. MVP came out and made it a tag team match. Magnus and EC3 had the match won but couldn’t decide who should climb the ladder. Gunner earned the win by climbing the ladder to get both briefcases.

Anderson gets asked about what his match wiht Bully Ray means to him. Anderson says it’s about what he has that Bully doesn’t, then he holds up a picture of his two kids.

My Take: It was obvious that something was going to happen before this match happened. However, it didn’t happen smoothly, I wasn’t completely sure how the match would end until it did. Would one guy win or both? It was never explained, by MVP or the announce team.

The Anderson-Bully feud is intense, I just feel it didn’t get the build it should have, and if their match tonight is the end, it’s a disappointing payoff.

The Bro-Mans, Zema Ion, Rockstar Spud and MVP backstage/The Wolves and Samoa Joe vs. The Bro-Mans and Zema Ion

The Bro-Mans and Zema go to Rockstar to complain about Gunner taking the tag team title briefcase.  Jessie talks about their “bro-greement” with EC3 to not use the briefcase. Rockstar defends Dixie Carter but blames MVP, then MVP walks in. MVP tells them that this problem will be settled in the ring. He makes a match between The Bro-Mans and Zema against The Wolves and a mystery partner.

The Bro-Mans and Zema come out, followed by The Wolves. Then, their mystery partner is revealed to be Samoa Joe. Joe makes Zema tap out to the Coquina Clutch.

My Take: Best part of the backstage segment was finding out The Wolves would be making their in-ring debut.

Best part of this match was The Wolves’ fantastic in-ring debut. Anybody who hadn’t seen them before had to have been impressed by their showing in this match.

Rockstar Spud and MVP backstage/Abyss and Eric Young promo

Rockstar and MVP are talking backstage, and Rockstar is standing up to MVP. MVP makes a match between himself and Rockstar for later tonight.

Abyss comes out and calls out EY, and EY comes out immediately, but he hesitates in getting in the ring. Abyss talks about everything him and EY have been through in the Abyss/Joseph Park saga, before he holds up the Abyss mask and says it’s all been reduced to that mask. He then takes off his hood and reveals his face, un-masked. EY says he revealed that Abyss and Park are the same person, and he did because their friends and to prove who Abyss was. Abyss says that he doesn’t know who he is. Then talks about all he has been through and says he can’t be Abyss anymore, he’s been through so much and he can’t do it anymore. EY says he can help, but Abyss turns down his help and says that him and EY are done. Abyss says he needs to go away for a while and find somebody who understand him.

My Take: Rockstar and MVP are so good on-camera together, a lot of good chemistry.

This was a good segment, it feels like they’re actually taking this seriously, and they haven’t from the beginning. It will be very interesting to see where they take Abyss from here.

Christy Hemme and Sam Shaw backstage/MVP vs. Rockstar Spud/Bobby Roode backstage

Hemme is loading her stuff onto a bus, when Shaw comes out of the shadows to help her. He agrees that things should be professional between them and shakes her hand. While he’s walking away, he smells his hand.

Rockstar tries to stay outside the ring, but he uses his quickness to gain an advantage. Rockstar quickly loses his advantage and MVP gets a very quick win with the Drive-By Kick.

Roode is storming around backstage looking for Dixie Carter. He comes into her office and demands a world title shot. Dixie denies him and he says she owes it to him, but she disagrees. Roode leaves after telling Dixie that she does not want him as an enemy.

My Take: The Shaw/Hemme stuff is so creepy but I actually like it. It’s interesting, I just don’t know where they’re going to find a payoff for it.

Quick match, a little disappointing because Rockstar is fun to watch in the ring, but it was expected.

It will be very interesting to see when, and who, steps in on Dixie’s behalf with all these interactions with Roode.

Chris Sabin promo/Mystery woman attack

Velvet Sky and Sabin came out for their one-on-one match, but Sabin grabbed the mic to offer Velvet the first shot. Velvet hits Sabin with a low blow, but a very large mystery woman made her debut and attacked Velvet. Sabin left on the mystery woman’s shoulders.

Bully is backstage going through Mr. Anderson’s stuff, he grabs Anderson’s phone and calls his wife. He tells her that this is the phone call she’s been dreading her entire life. Then he tells her to “tell your twins Daddy says goodbye.”

My Take: That was nonsense. Something had to give in this segment, but it’s all too obvious.

Bully is a genius, he can invoke so much emotion without stepping in the ring.

Bobby Roode backstage

The cameraman asks Roode what happened in Dixie’s office and he says he “lost it”. He says that he needs to take some time off before two security guards come in to escort him out.

My Take: I’m very interested to see where this goes. Roode seemed very somber as he was led out of the building.

Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray (Casket Match)

Anderson got the win with a Mic Check into the casket.

My Take: That was a great match and a great finish.

MVP and Dixie Carter backstage

Dixie storms into the office and immediately gets to business. She wants to make a deal and buy MVP’s TNA shares. MVP declines Dixie’s offer and makes a counter-offer. MVP challenges Dixie to a Lethal Lockdown match for control of the company and Dixie reluctantly accepts.

My Take: Pretty good segment here to end the show. The Lethal Lockdown match is cool, but the two teams need a reason to be fighting, this will give them a good reason. It should be interesting to see who they get to join their teams.

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