WWE Main Event (2/19) Results: The Shield In Action!



The Shield vs. Sin Cara and Los Matadores
Dean Ambrose and a Matadore kick things off, they lock up and Matadore takes him down. They grapple on the ground then Matadore works the left arm. He hits a shoulder block and gets the crowd involved. A spring board elbow for a near fall and then tags in the other Matadore. They hit a double team drop kick then he throws him into the corner where he hits a monkey flip. Ambrose fights back with a knee to the gut and tags in Seth. Rollins runs into an arm drag and Cara is tagged in. He runs into the corner, dropped to the apron and catches Seth with a kick. He nails a flying arm drag off the top rope. Diego Matadore tagged in, he hits a kick to the chest then tags in Fernando where they nail a double kick move. Fernando runs into a kick and Seth rams his head into the corner. Reigns tagged in and hit a huge shoulder block. Reigns with a big suplex, he hits an elbow for a near fall. The big man is on fire, he tags in Ambrose when Reigns hits a suplex and Ambrose nails an elbow. Ambrose with right hands, he lands a series of right hands then backs him into the corner. Seth tagged in and throws him hard into the corner. He does it again as Seth picks him apart. The fans try to get Matadore into the match and it works. He throws Seth hard into the corner and tries to get the tag. He kicks off Seth and tags in Cara. Sin Cara with a spring board cross-body and a head take over. Cara shoots off the ropes and takes Seth out on the floor. Cara goes to the top rope, Seth catches him with a kick to the side of the head and tags in Ambrose. Dean nails a double arm suplex off the top. Reigns tagged in and this a drop kicks on the apron leading to break.

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Were back and the Shield is still in control. Ambrose has Cara in a headlock, but Cara fights out of it. Sin Cara with a back elbow and tries to tag in his partner but Seth makes the save. He lands three suplex’s for a near fall. The Shield keeps control of the action until Cara hits an inverted powerbomb for a near fall. Reigns tagged in and take on Fernando. Reigns throws him in the corner, but Cara fights out of it with DDT off the top rope. Cara gets the tag to Diego which he does. He clears house and nails a spinning shoulder block. Diego with a spring board cross-body, he fires into the corner and hits a head take over. Diego shoots off the ropes with a sliding move over the back of Dean. He goes to the top rope and hits a dive taking out Reigns. Dean rolls him up for 2, Diego with a jaw breaker and a dive off the top for a near fall. Things break down, Seth sent out of the ring and so is Dean. El Torrito takes out Seth and Dean picks on him so Fernando botches an outside dive on Dean. Reigns hits a double spear on Diego and Sin Cara. Reign with a superman punch on Fernando. Seth hits the running stomp for the win.

Winner: Shield

The Shield celebrate after the match and then Tom Phillips turns the broadcast into the WWE Network hype machine. They show the same video that you been seeing to advertise the network.

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Cameron footage from Total Divas is shown.

Cameron Vs. Aksana
Aksana catches her with a drop kick before the match, now it starts with a cat fight. Aksana with a knee to the face and Cameron goes to the floor holding her eye. Aksana lays in the ring as Cameron comes back into the ring where Aksana puts the boots to her. They brawl some more and then Cameron rolls her up for 2. Cameron trips her and lands a slap. She sends Aksana into Alica Fox who is on the outside of the ring. She hits a series of clotheslines then a bull dog. Cameron with a kick to the midsection, but Aksana hits a back breaker for a near fall. Aksana goes for a suplex, but Cameron rolls her up for the win.

Winner: Cameron

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Triple H weekly sit down interview is shown and he talks about Daniel Bryan, winner of the Elimination Chamber match.

Wade Barrett has some bad news for us, he makes fun of the crowd about them being high.

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Kofi Kingston Vs. Curtis Axel
Axel with kicks to the gut, the nails a drop kick and all of this is right off the bat. Axel throws him into the corner, but Kofi reverses and hits a drop kick. Kofi with a chop to the chest, he hits a drop kick and then a clothesline. Kofi with the Boom Drop! Then he goes for the trouble in paradise, but Axel rolls to the floor. Ryback distracts the referee and gets in the ring. Mark Henry comes down to make certain that nothing happens to Kofi as we roll on.

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Were back and Kofi is putting the boots to Axel in the corner. Kofi with a kick to the legs on Axel, he picks apart Axel as Curtis tries to make some space. Kofi works the left arm, he is thrown down by his hair. Axel shoots off the ropes and right into a back elbow for a near fall. Kofi with a ten punches in the corner, but runs into a big boot. Ryback sucks chant breaks out as Axel hits a clothesline. He nails a knee to the face and covers him for a near fall. Axel locks in a cross-face, but Kofi fights out. Kofi goes for a spring board kick, but blocked and sent to the floor. Mark Henry backs Ryback away from Kofi. Were back in the ring as Axel covers him for a near fall. Axel comes off the top rope, but misses with the elbow. Kofi with a kick to the face, he nails a spring board clothesline and nails a drop kick. Kofi with a spring board cross-body for a near fall. Axel hits a side suplex for a near fall, Axel is frustrated and the fans get behind Kofi. Kingston with a botched clothesline on Axel sending him to the floor. Ryback trips him and that calls for the DQ.

Winner: Kofi

After the match Mark Henry makes the save and Kofi takes out Ryback with an outside dive Kingston and Henry stand tall in the ring to end the show.