WWE NXT (2/20) Results: Neville Vs. Breeze


The Ascension vs. KC and Like Mike
Viktor and let’s say KC start the match, Viktor with a clothesline for a near fall. Viktor throws KC into his partner and he hits a big back body drop. Viktor works the arm, he tags in Konnor and they hit the double team air drop followed by the “Fall of Man” for the win.

Winners: The Ascension

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NXT arrival video is shown for the WWE network.

EMMA Vs. Summer Rae
Emma rolls her up for a near fall right off the bat. Rae with a kick to the gut, but EMMA rolls her up again for a near fall. EMMA with an arm drag, but Rae fights out and attempts to roll her up. They both attempt to pin each other and both get a count of 1. EMMA is thrown into the corner and Rae nails her with a knee to the face sending her to the floor. EMMA gets back into the ring, Rae works the arm and pins her for a count of 2. Rae locks in an arm bar and then ends her hair first into the mat. EMMA misses a drop kick and Rae pins her for a near fall.

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Rae uses the ropes on EMMA as her head rest there. EMMA with a head butt, then Rae fights back with one of her own for a near fall. Rae misses a splash in the corner and EMMA locks in the “Dil-Emma” on the ropes. EMMA hits the EMMA sandwich then finishes it off with EMMA lock but blocked. Rae rolls her up for a near fall. Rae is knocked into Banks on the apron and EMMA locks in the “EMMA lock” for the win.

Winners: EMMA

Tyler Breeze does a backstage promo about facing Adrian Neville tonight.
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Antonio Cesar and Sami Zayn do a backstage segment with Renee Young. They talk about their upcoming match which is next week. Zayn says that Cesaro has nothing to say that he wants to here and Cesaro walks away.

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EMMA talks backstage about how excited she is facing Page. She says she will say it to Paige’s face next week.

Adrian Neville Vs. Tyler Breeze
They lock up, then Breeze lands a series of right hands and kicks in the corner. Breeze plays to the crowd, he sends him into the and Breeze hits a drop kick. Breeze takes a picture of himself, he hits a strong right hand for a near fall. Breeze shoots off the ropes and Adrian with a flap jack for a near fall. Neville sends him hard into the the corner and Neville nails a elbow to the face. Out of nowhere Breeze sends him to the apron and hits a spring board drop kick, but misses. Neville sends him to the floor with a drop kick of his own and then nails a dive to the outside taking out Breeze.

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Were back and Neville hits a drop kick off the top rope for a near fall. Tyler with a jaw breaker out of nowhere. He then goes for a head take over, but blocked and Adrian hits a sit down powerbomb for a near fall. Neville with a forearm shot then s spring board move, but Breeze goes for a drop kick and does not hit anything. Neville shoots off the ropes and Breeze catches him with stiff kick. He covers him for a near fall and Breeze is starting to get frustrated. The fans start Neville chants and Breeze goes for the beauty shot, but missed. Neville hits a kick to the side of the head. Neville hits the “red arrow” for the win.

Winners: Neville

Neville calls out BO Dallas after the match. BO says that he is impressive that Neville has come this far in NXT. He says that even though Neville climbed the ladder so far, but now BO says that he has gone as far as he can. BO says he has no plans on losing next week. Neville says he just could not figure out why BO hated him, but now he knows that BO is scared of him and that he is scared of losing the title. He says he will let him hit him right now, because he knows that BO is scared. BO walks away from the situation instead. They stare off as BO walks to the back to end the show.