Raw Review: 2/24/2014

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Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt

These guys are good. Reigns is going to be a mega-star, I’m talking Cena-level star. It’s a shame that Bray just doesn’t measure up to him, but that’s okay because few people do.  The way this match broke down was fantastic. Good job sending the Wyatts out first, it gets them over as the heels with The Shield on their way to falling apart. When Reigns was on his own, Seth Rollins came out and hit an awesome dive over the top rope to stop the Wyatts. It was immediately evident that Ambrose wasn’t there, and then he came flying in late. With The Wyatt Family neutralized, Reigns hit a superman punch and had Wyatt on the ropes, until Ambrose came in and attacked Bray to cause a DQ.

This match was just like Cesaro and Big E earlier in the night. Really good match has a disappointing ending thanks to a jealous tag team partner. Both moments could lead to a greater storyline and hopefully they do.