NXT ARRIVAL Results: Neville Vs. Dallas



Welcome to the first live show on the WWE Network and we kick things off with Triple H appearing in the ring saying this is NXT! Triple H says NXT is the next generation and the next generation has arrived.

Cesaro vs. Sami Zayn

NXT chants by the crowd and we get this one started with an intense stare off by both men. They lock up, Cesaro pushes him back hard and then once again they lock up. Cesaro with a waiste lock into a slam, he slaps the back of Zayn’s head. Another lock up, then some mat work, several head take overs then Cesaro catches him with a drop kick. Cesaro grabs his leg, but pushed back. He goes at it again, but Zayn fights out and goes for a head take over, but caught. He somehow fights out of the giant swing and sends him to the floor. Zayn hits a dive over the top rope onto Cesaro. Back in the ring, Zayn goes to the top rope and attempts a cross body and caught which Cesaro hits a suplex for a near fall. Zayn rolls to the floor holding his back, Cesaro rolls out there and grabs him then sends him into the barricade. Back in the ring, Cesaro throws him out of the ring and then follows him. Cesaro slams his head off the ring steps and lands a series of punches. He bounces his head off the apron then sends him into the ring. Cesaro throws him to the floor as soccer chant is started by the fans. Zayn fights back with right hands, but Cesaro sends him face first into the barricade. Cesaro throws him into the ring and covers him for a near fall. Cesaro throws him out of the ring for the fourth time then sends him throat first into the barricade. He rams Zayn’s back into the apron and lifts him into the ring. Cesaro grabs the leg, but Zayn kicks him in the face. Zayn shoots through the ring post and walks into a big uppercut. Holy S**T chants start from the crowd as Cesaro works the leg over on the ring post. Back in the ring with a bit of a bounce in his step Cesaro stalks him down in the corner and puts the boots to Zayn’s injured knee. Cesaro targets the knee, he works on it in a submission type hold. Zayn kicks out of it, but Cesaro stomps the knee of Zayn’s for a near fall instead. Cesaro with a stiff kick to the face, He hits a knee to the gut then another one. Cesaro lifts him up and wrenches the knee into the mat (Ouch) he locks in another submission hold on the injured knee as Zayn continues to find a way out. Zayn hits a heel kick to the face of Cesaro as Cesaro shoots off the ropes. Cesaro with a kick to the injured knee and stands on it until the referee breaks it up. Cesaro with a “We the people” salute then hits another leg take down to continue to injury the knee. Zayn fights back with right hands. He goes for a side kick, but Cesaro locks in an half crab submission. Somehow Zayn gets to the ropes, Zayn with a back elbow then a kick to the face. He sends Cesaro over the top rope and to the floor. Zayn with a spring board dive, but Cesaro catches him which he hits a suplex on the ramp (Pure power) Cesaro gets back in the ring and Zayn barely makes it to the ring before the count of ten. Cesaro runs, but caught by Zayn and he hits a suplex in the corner for a count of 2. Zayn goes for a back suplex, but Cesaro fights out of it. Zayn hits a sit down powerbomb anyways for a near fall. (What a match) Cesaro with a cheap kick to the knee, but Zayn hits his signature submission move out of nowhere. Cesaro fights out and has his (Zayn) knee over his head in a submission move, but somehow Zayn gets to the ropes. Cesaro then goes for the giant swing, but rolls him up for a count of 2. Cesaro with the giant swing for several turns (8) and then runs into the corner with a big uppercut for a count of 2. Zayn rolls him up for two and then Cesaro with a double stomp to the head for a near fall. This is awesome chants from the fans, Zayn who is on the apron is pulled up by Cesaro. Zayn fights him off and hits a kick to the face that postions Cesaro on the top rope. Zayn hits a head take over, but blocked and Cesaro hits a powerbomb off the top rope, but blocked and Zayn nails a head take over. Zayn follows it up with a big boot to the face of Cesaro for a near fall. Both men get to their feet, Cesaro with a big uppercut and Zayn falls to the mat. Cesaro with another one and tells him to stay down. Zayn gets right back up, Cesaro hits a third one and continues to tell him to stay down. A Sami chant breaks out within the crowd, Zayn gets up again and Cesaro hits another uppercut. This time Zayn fires back with punches, they go at it, then Zayn with a German suplex by Zayn. He runs into the corner and into a big boot by Cesaro. He goes for the neutralizer, but blocked and Zayn with a roll up. Zayn with a front flip roll up for a near fall. Cesaro lifts him up and hits the uppercut for a count of 1. (Say what?) Cesaro in disbelief as Zayn hulks up. Cesaro with a running uppercut followed by the neutralizer for the win. Amazing match

Winner: Cesaro in 23:01

After the match Cesaro lifts Sami Zayn up and hugs him. The fans appreciate it and we do to. NXT chants break out and Cesaro leaves the ring to Zayn.

The hype man, Mojo Rawley video package is shown.

We then get a big thank you to some politicians from Florida for making tonight’s show possible.

CJ Parker Vs. Mojo Rawley

Mojo is really hyped and they lock up. CJ with a kick to the gut then a side head lock, he shoots off the ropes and right into a back body drop for a near fall. Mojo works the left arm, the crowd is dead after our opening contest and so am i. Mojo sends him into the corner, but CJ with a kick and a clothesline for a near fall. CJ with straight left hands followed by kicks to Mojo in the corner. CJ talk’s trash then sends him head first into the corner. CJ with a big slap to the chest of the hype man then into the other corner where Mojo fights out with right hands. CJ with several of his own, Mojo with two splashes in the corner followed by the piper drive for the win.

Winner: Mojo Rawley in 3:23

We get a more personal look into EMMA’s life.

A video package of the NXT tag team champions, The Ascension is shown.

We get a more personal look into EMMA’s life.

A video package of the NXT tag team champions, The Ascension is shown.

NXT Tag Team Title Match: The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor) © Vs. Too Cool

Grand Master and Viktor start things off, Viktor with wild misses then a knee to the gut. Grand Master with a shoulder block, but while dancing he catches an upper cut for his troubles. Konnor tagged in and hits a leg drop for a near fall. Konnor with a shoulder block, he hits a second one then a third one. Right hands by the big man and as he hits a big boot on Grand Master. He then tags in Viktor. Viktor puts the boots to him as he lays in pain on the mat. Viktor with a big suplex for a near fall, he locks in a head lock. After a while he gets made and hits a series of elbow shots to the shoulder. Viktor locks in another head lock, but this time Master fights out of it with a jaw breaker. Master with right hands and then tags in Scotty. He hits a series of punches then a bit of a dance. He takes out Konnor and Viktor runs into a forearm shot. Scotty appears to raise the roof, he attempts to the throws him into the corner, but blocked. Viktor runs into a big boot by scotty. Viktor throws him the corner again and Scotty with a bull dog. He goes for the worm, but throws out Konnor first. Scotty tries to hit the worm, but Viktor blocked it then a big clothesline. They wrap things up with their finisher (fall of man) for the win.

Winners and still champions: The Ascension in 6:39

Stephanie McMahon comes out to the ring as the fans chant “you still got it”. She says she never lost it then hypes up NXT arrival and compares it to a WrestleMania type event. She introduces “the generation of divas”.

NXT Women’s Title Match Paige (c) vs. Emma

Paige gets into her face then Emma takes her down. It turns into a big brawl then they lock up. Paige backs her into the corner and hits a big kick to the gut. Emma rolls her up for a near fall. Emma with another take down then goes for a sling shot, but locked and Paige hits a drop kick for a near fall. Paige yanks Emma hair then nails a suplex for a near fall. Paige locks in a headlock and keeps control for a while. Finally Emma fights out of it. Paige with a suplex, but blocked and Emma with a waist lock then drives her into the corner. Paige reverses and hits a series of elbows to the side of Emma’s head. Emma catches the foot of Paige then goes for the Emma sandwich. It’s blocked then out of nowhere she goes for the Emma lock. Paige kicks her way out of it, Paige brings her to the apron and connects with a series of knee’s to the face. Emma kicks the legs out of Paige dropping her to the apron and Emma covers her for a count of 1. Paige misses a splash in the corner and Emma locks in the “dilemma” on the ropes. Emma hits the “Emma sandwich” for a near fall. Emma locks in a submission, but Paige fights out of it shortly and Emma locks it in right away. Once again Paige fights out, but Emma kicks her to the mat and covers her for a near fall. Emma throws her by the hair into the corner and puts a boot to her throat. Emma is thrown into the corner off a reversal then Paige knocks her onto the apron. Paige sends her face first into the ring post, but blocked and Emma goes to the top rope. Paige fights back with head butts, Emma fights back with lefts and rights then goes for a powerbomb which she hits for a near fall. Emma shoots off the ropes and hits a drop kick for a near fall. Emma is getting frustrated, she slaps Paige in the face and the champion hits one of her own. Paige with a kick to the gut then hits “Pager” for a near fall. Paige locks in a leg lock (Scorpion cross lock)

Winner and still champion: Paige in 13:02

After the match the two hug it out and Paige stands tall in the ring.

Adrian Neville in-depth video is shown.

Full Sail Universality which proves NXT video package is shown.

Dusty Rhodes and Pat Patterson is shown at ringside.

Before their match starts Alexander Rusev comes out and attacks both Tyler Breeze and Xavier Woods. At this point my feed and everyone else’s on twitter starts to mess up. This is not good. Rusev cuts a promo after the beat down and basically introduces himself.

The bad blood history between both Dallas and Neville is shown in a video package.

Ladder Match for the NXT Title: Bo Dallas (c) vs. Adrian Neville

Here we go, its main event time and the two go right for the ladders. Neville catches shim with a kick to the gut then a knee to the rigs. Neville with a boot to the face then a drop kick off the top rope. He goes for his finisher, but Bo rolls to the apron and trips him. Bo with right hand, he hits a forearm shot then an elbow to the face. Bo with several more of those as he continues to where out his challenger. Bo with a clothesline that sends Neville inside out. He lifts him up and ties him up in the ropes knee first. Bo grabs a ladder as Neville is tied up watching him. Bo brings a ladder into the ring, but Neville gets free and baseball slides the ladder into Bo. Neville with an outside dive taking out the champion and brings ladder in himself. Bo holds him back and rams him spine first into the steel steps. Bo with lefts and rights to the face of the challenger, he grabs another ladder and tries to ram it into Neville. Adrian moves and nails a back body drop onto the ramp. Neville slides into the ring, he sets up the ladder (there are two in the ring) Neville climbs the ladder, but Bo throws the second ladder into the climbing Neville. Adrian crashes to the mat and Bo hits Neville in the ribs with the ladder. Bo sets the ladder on Neville as he climbs, however Neville with pure power lifts it up and sends Bo crashing into the ropes. Neville sets up the ladder, he climbs it, but Bo sends him crashing into the ropes. The two fight over the ladder, Bo drives the ladder into the ribs of Neville while he is in the corner of the ring. Bo wedges the ladder between the ropes and sends him face first into it, but blocked. Neville jumps up and hits a spring board DDT onto the champion. Neville climbs the ladder, but Bo knocks him down. Neville lands on his feet, but Bo sends him head first onto the ladder. Bo backs him into the corner and lands a series of clotheslines. Bo with a big final one, Bo looking desperate lifts Neville up. Bo goes for a bull dog, but Neville reverses it and sends Bo into the wedged ladder. Neville lifts and sets the ladder up, he climbs it. Bo climbs it as well and then they trade right hands on the ladder. Bo sends him head first into the ladder then drops down and sends him over the rope. Neville hits a side kick then goes for the top rope and goes for his finisher. Bo pushes him off the top rope and Neville crashes hard onto the apron. Bo barely climbs the ladder, but Neville spring boards over Bo and lands on the ladder. (Wow) Bo tries to German suplex him off the ladder, but instead goes for a powerbomb which he hits that sends Neville into the wedged ladder in the corner. Bo runs into a boot and Neville suplex’s him on the ladder. Neville hits the “Red Arrow” while Bo is on the ladder. Bo is on the floor and Neville sets the ladder up, he climbs the ladder. Bo out of nowhere climbs the ladder, but not in enough time as Neville grabs the title and wins the match!

Winner and NEW NXT world champion: Neville in 15:44

He celebrates in the ring and John Cena is shown in the crowd applauding him. That wraps up the show and thanks for reading along.