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The Ascension vs. Too Cool for the NXT Tag Team Championships

Yes, that Too Cool. Renee Young announced that The Ascension would take on a mystery opponent tonight for the tag titles, but the crowd assumed that meant Enzo Amore was healed from his injury, and he would be getting out of his wheelchair to take on the The Ascension with his tag team partner “Big Cass” Colin Cassady. Instead, it was Grand Master Sexay and Scotty Too Hotty who battled the tag champions.

The crowd was loving both teams. They were certainly into Scotty’s “W-O-R-M” even though he only did the build-up, without hitting the move. Grand Master Sexay sold for most of the mach, but Scotty ended up taking The Ascension’s Fall of Man tag team finisher as the tag champions retained.

It could be argued that Konnor of The Ascension was the most over man in the match, and it certainly bodes well for The Ascension that their victory was applauded, despite going up against the beloved legends.