SmackDown Review: 2/28/2014

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SmackDown opened this week with the above graphic, in remembrance of “Big Daddy V” Nelson Frazier Jr.

SmackDown got its first shot at the WWE Network treatment on Friday, with a pre- and post-show. Raw did a phenomenal job on Monday, NXT only had a pre-show, and that was well done, now it’s SmackDown’s turn.

Josh Matthews did a great job once again on the pre-show, him and Renee Young are great at what they do. Big Show seemed to have the perfect amount of seriousness. He wasn’t over-the-top about everything, but he didn’t treat it like a big joke either. When Big Show was involved everything flowed very naturally.

The un-sung hero is going to be Alex Riley, great job from A-Ry on the Raw and SmackDown pre-shows this week.