SmackDown Review: 2/28/2014

10 of 10

Backstage Pass

Backstage Pass once again took place out in the arena, and The Usos and Daniel Bryan trying to get the crowd in an organize chant for both of them definitely was distracting while the panel was trying to discuss SmackDown.

Most interesting part of this show is that Bryan was interviewed by Renee Young after his match, which is a good way to help guys get over, Bryan obviously doesn’t need it, but others do. Anyway, Bryan referenced two chants that got somewhat lost in the shuffle as WWE edits crowd reactions on SmackDown to make them more like what they want.

Overall Impression

Very pleased with SmackDown this week. The only bad thing about SmackDown is that they don’t always advance storylines well, and that’s only because WWE doesn’t want to put something big on SmackDown because it gets considerably less viewers than Raw.

Other than that, SmackDown consistently has good matches. That being said, I think Raw was better this week in every aspect, as Raw had some good wrestling this week, to go along with the return of Hulk Hogan, Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker. Nonetheless, they are all playing for second, behind the amazing NXT ArRIVAL.

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