SmackDown Review: 2/28/2014

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Mark Henry and Big E vs. The Real Americans

After both Jack Swagger tagged into the match earlier, not to Cesaro’s liking. Cesaro did the same to Swagger, right as it seemed Swagger was going to get Henry to tap to the Patriot Lock. Cesaro came in and hit a very impressive Neutralizer on Henry for the win. After the match, the two were all smiles after getting the win.

Nothing doing here. It feels like The Shield, we know the breakup is coming but there holding it off until the right moment. Swagger won’t get Cesaro over as a main eventer, but he will give Cesaro a really good match that can really kick off his “official” main event push.

Bold statement: I love Vickie, I really do. Del Rio was gloating about his win over Batista, but she shut him down fast. He came in looking to get the night off, but Sheamus took that away from him fast.

The segment was too short to be any good, but it’s clear what it’s purpose was, which is to get whatever extra heat on Del Rio they could.