SmackDown Review: 2/28/2014

5 of 10

Lana and Alexander Rusev promo/The Shield backstage

Lana and Rusev came out speaking another language, I guess Bulgarian, that’s what this character is supposed to be right? The only words that I could understand were “Alexander Rusev” that seems like a bad way to go about things.

All three members of The Shield continue to grow. Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose argued again, with Seth Rollins bringing them together and giving a motivational speech, just like all their other backstage segments in recent weeks. The thing is, these segments always seam different, and they continue to get better.

Ambrose always does something funny, whether it’s his annoyed yell at Reigns at the beginning here, or his dance that he was doing while Rollins was motivating them. Reigns continues to improve at promos and develop as a character. Meanwhile, Rollins is becoming more of a WWE character, as he seems to be drawing some more love from the creative team every week.