The Shield – Why We Love To Hate Them


With rumours of a break up still running rampant, I thought it would be good to have a look at what we have liked most about the Shield.

Firstly, let me get the controversial part out the way, I really do like Roman Reigns, but he isn’t my favourite member, that honour goes to Dean Ambrose. While all the hype (and rightfully so) is around Reigns and when he will break out to inevitably become a star in singles competition, I think it’s Ambrose who really makes this group work. More on that later, for now let’s get to the point and go over what we’ll miss.


It is probably a good idea to start with ‘The Big Dog’, since this guy isn’t really going anywhere for the foreseeable. Reigns has certainly fast tracked his way up the pecking order with his raw aggression and brute strength, but what is it about him that has everybody so interested? If you want to put on your best cowboy JBL impression for this next bit like I often do, now is the time..

‘That damn superman punch’

When Reigns gets this locked and loaded, you can sense that the end is near. The reason it suits Reigns so well is mostly because it highlights this huge mans surprising agility. Well, that and the fact that this move will definitely (JBL time again) ‘rearrange your front teeth’.

So, how does Reigns follow-up a huge impact move like that? He delivers one of the most thunderous spears ever seen, and considering this move was employed by superstars like Goldberg and Edge, that’s no small feat.


The architect of The Shield, or in other words, the guy who’s desperately trying to hold this thing together. With ego’s mounting  and tension rising, Rollins has one hell of a job on his hands trying to keep Reigns and Ambrose on the same page. However, Rollins also has some great in ring potential himself, namely his cross style of educated feet and high-flying ability.

The thing I like most about Rollins is the fact that like his two shield brethren, he will fight anybody, any place, at any time. To me this is what makes The Shield brilliant and we have to give the WWE creative team credit for playing it out like they have.

What I mean is, yes, The Shield often attack superstars using their numbers advantage, but when the chips are down and its fight or flight, each of the trio will throw down with the best of them. Admittedly, that may not have been the case throughout the whole of their run but at least they’ve got it right now.


The biggest reason I like Ambrose the most? He reminds me of one of the best acting performances I think most of us can agree to have ever witnessed, Heath Ledgers’ take on The Joker. From the way he carries himself to the way he cuts his promo’s, there is always an eerie sense of, well,  just plain instability. He’s a whack job and that’s all there is to it.

Also, I cant help but feel slightly sorry for him, he’s constantly being outshined by The Heavy Artillery of the group and the way Ambrose’ jealousy creeps in is portrayed perfectly. He constantly tries to prove himself but always manages to create more problems than he solves.

I will never forget the night Reigns and Rollins teased Ambrose into defending his championship, so,  always willing to prove he’s the best, he offers an open challenge…only for The World’s Strongest Man to appear, sending his teammates into hysterics while Ambrose awaited the challenge in disbelief.

I enjoy scenes like this so much that it makes me worry, when the shield does split, where does that leave Rollins and Ambrose? My fear is that they drop down the card and become a Rey Mysterio/Kofi Kingston type performer with no real direction.

What have you loved about the shield? Do you share my concern that Ambrose and Rollins will become forgotten while Reigns storms his way up the roster? Let me know in the comments below.

Believe in The Shield.