WWE: Top Ten Tag Teams That Should Return

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2. Head Cheese
JAMES WORTMAN: When we think of the icons who have graced The Grandest Stage of Them All, the name Chester McCheeserton rarely comes up. Nevertheless, the cheeky little person dressed as a wedge of Swiss cheese represented all that we loved about the mismatched pairing of Al Snow & Steve Blackman, who strode to the ring with the little-known mascot at WrestleMania 2000. Things didn’t necessarily go well that night, with “Head Cheese” — a questionable moniker that made sense only in Snow’s mind — falling to the Trish Stratus-led tandem of Test & Albert. As for Mr. McCheeserton, let’s just say Snow & Blackman brought new meaning to the term “lactose intolerance” when they took out their frustrations on the dairy dud.

Despite Snow’s ultimate failure to coexist with Blackman or force a goofy persona on the stoic Lethal Weapon, the team was immensely entertaining, with Blackman playing the perfect straight man to the erratic Snow. Ten years later, with such Attitude Era standard-bearers as The New Age Outlaws and Too Cool returning to WWE television, the WWE Universe and the tag team division might be craving a second helping of “Head Cheese” these days.