WWE: Top Ten Tag Teams That Should Return

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1. The Steiner Brothers
JEFF LABOON: The Steiner Brothers only teamed together in WWE for a little more than a year, but few teams could even come close to what they accomplished in that time. With their University of Michigan letterman jackets and checkerboard gear, the duo dominated the “New Generation’s” tag team scene in 1993, winning 83 percent of their matches and securing the World Tag Team Championships twice. Although it’s been 20 years since The Steiners’ dominance, their style would still be in a class of its own.

The team split under less than amicable circumstances when Scott joined The nWo, but the bond between brothers lasts forever. Though Rick is retired and Scott still competes, The Steiners’ tag team legacy can’t end with Rick teaming alongside Judy Bagwell. Scott’s evolution into “Big Poppa Pump” made him a World Champion, but it would be great to see him put on his letterman jacket one more time and hit the Steinerline with The Dog-Faced Gremlin.