WWE: Top Ten Tag Teams That Should Return

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10. Rob Van Dam & Sabu
RYAN MURPHY: I’m not asking for an extended reunion between Rob Van Dam & Sabu. But, say one night in the middle of another RVD return run, he gets backed into a corner by The Real Americans. He’s a sitting duck with nowhere to run when, all of a sudden, the lights go out and that heavy bass and boozy, vaguely Middle Eastern horn of Sabu’s entrance theme begins to play. The Human Highlight Reel returns with his MC Hammer pants and a torso like a Freddy Krueger’s face to save his friend and battle Jack Swagger & Cesaro for one night only.

It’s the kind of comeback that would bring about the same nostalgia as The New Age Outlaws. Two Superstars who helped define an era getting one last hurrah for their influence (every time a team like The Shield uses a partner as a springboard, they’re taking a cue from RVD & Sabu) and, most importantly, their sacrifice — not just because I want to see it, but because they deserve it.