WWE: Top Ten Tag Teams That Should Return

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7. London & Kendrick
JOHN CLAPP: Daniel Bryan wasn’t the first Shawn Michaels protégé to make a mark on WWE. Before there was The Beard, there were Paul London & Brian Kendrick, two trainees of HBK who owned SmackDown’s tag team division for the better part of a year. The impressionable young cruiserweights — whose spaced-out charm landed them next to Bill & Ted in the all-time Dude Pantheon — held the WWE Tag Team Titles from May 2006 to April 2007, during which time they routinely stole shows with their groundbreaking tag team offense.

From their matching ring gear to their convoluted pre-match handshake to their tandem maneuvers, there was nothing slapdash or disingenuous about London & Kendrick’s partnership. There’s also reason to believe the team would fit right in with WWE’s current division: London & Kendrick would make stellar opposition for fellow fliers like The Usos, an intriguing stylistic contrast to powerhouses like The Real Americans, and their pedigree — an education from Michaels, complemented by worldly experience — would make for a riveting matchup against Cody Rhodes & Goldust.