WWE: Top Ten Tag Teams That Should Return

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6. APA
ANTHONY BENIGNO: Faarooq & Bradshaw went completely over my head as The Undertaker’s Acolytes until they broke from the cult and started dishing out beatings for exorbitantly unreasonable prices. From then on, it was a walking, talking lesson in basic American consumerism. You demand enforcement? Supply the Benjamins.

In all seriousness, there’s something that’s really irresistible about a pair of good old-fashioned goons, and The Acolyte Protection Agency were among the more entertaining meatheads in sports-entertainment history. They were great in the ring, to be sure, but the best thing about these guys was the nonsense they got up to backstage: the poker table, the disembodied “Twilight Zone” door that clients HAD to walk through — you wouldn’t be acknowledged otherwise — and the cigars. This iteration of Faarooq & Bradshaw was easy to like, funny to watch, and their gig was simple — you pay them, and they’ll beat people up for you.