WWE: Top Ten Tag Teams That Should Return

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3. Jeri-Show
JAKE GRATE: After capturing the Unified Tag Team Championships with Edge at The Bash in 2009, Chris Jericho took advantage of a contractual loophole and replaced the injured Rated-R Superstar as his tag team partner with Big Show at Night of Champions.

The pairing of Y2J & The World’s Largest Athlete was an inspired one, combining Jericho’s athleticism, technical prowess and motor mouth with Show’s size, strength and numbing right cross. The team that came to be known as “Jeri-Show” carved out an impressive 140 day reign as Unified Tag Team Champions, tangling with the likes of DX and The Legacy. They also picked up the Slammy Award for 2009 Tag Team of the Year before disbanding in early 2010.