Live Reports From Fan That Was At WWE Raw & More Backstage Victors


– WWE had security on high alert for Monday’s RAW in Chicago. The arena staff apparently went to extra measures to make sure no one came into the building with weapons, and they were told to be on the lookout for offensive signs and things of that nature. I haven’t heard of anything about fans being ejected for rowdy behavior or anything like that. WWE also altered their booking plans to cater to the Chicago crowd, knowing full well of the “Hijack RAW” movement on social media.

As noted earlier, Lisa Marie Varon (aka Victoria, aka Tara) backstage at Monday’s RAW in Chicago:

There was concern online that one of the monitors Brock Lesnar tossed into the ring during last night’s RAW flew out the other side and hit fans in the crowd. We can report that according to fan reports that were in attendance who said that it did appear a monitor bounced into the crowd, but it looked like nobody was hurt.

Here is a live report sent in from one fan (Jesus Flores sent this into Pwinsider) who was at last night’s WWE Raw:

The arena was extremely loud throughout the show and surprisingly quiet at times. I haven’t watched the broadcast yet but I assume any and all Punk chants were heard.

The crowd went nuts when Punk’s music hit. Naturally, Heyman and Lesnar got a mixed reaction because of Punk’s music. Scary moment happened during the Lesnar/Henry confrontation: Lesnar threw one of the TV/monitors from the commentators table so far across the ring that it actually flew or bounced into the crowd (just right of the ramp if you’re facing the ring). Didn’t look like anyone got hurt, but can’t imagine WWE was happy with that.

Shield vs. Wyatts, crowd was evenly divided between the two in terms of cheering. My guess is the match looked much better on tv, a lot of the brawling gets lost in person and some moves looked sloppy. Crowd chanted throughout the match (“This Is Awesome”, “Let’s Go Wyatts/Shield”, “CM Punk”, “Roman Reigns”). The crowd expected Rollins to come back into the match since he was standing on the ramp after walking out. Overall, fun match.

The crowd was also very bored throughout the Christian/Sheamus match. A few “This is awful” and “End this match” chants broke out. From talking to fans around me, feeling was we’ve seen this match multiple times before and will probably see it again at Mania so nobody was into it. Felt bad for them, but the match did feel like it went pretty long.

The Bryan/HHH/Steph segment was absolutely ridiculously loud. Bryan was way over with the fans, and as soon as HHH’s music hit, the boos and Punk chants began. I was sitting in the 200 level, I did not hear a single word Steph said throughout the segment, the boos drowned out everything, that’s how loud it was. Funniest part was the crowd being strongly against HHH/Bryan at Mania (lots of “No” chants whenever Bryan issued the challenge), and strongly for Steph/Bryan at Mania when he proposed that match instead.

Typical Cena reaction when he came out (4/5 boos, 1/5 cheers). When the Wyatt’s appeared on screen, I couldn’t hear anything (a bunch if chants, “Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks”, “CM Punk”, there was a “Fruity Pebbles” chant that broke out as well).

It seemed like the crowd grew tired by the time the main event came around. Bryan was still heavily cheered, Boo-tista was still heavily booed as expected. Minimal to no reaction for Orton. Many fans who expected Punk to come back had lost hope that he’d be back by now. When HHH hit the ring a final “CM Punk” chant started.

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