MVP Speaks On: Picking TNA Over WWE, CM Punk & TNA Locker Room



Former WWE U.S and Tag Team champion MVP spoke with Ring Rust Radio. Donald Wood who is on the show also posted the transcript of the interview. Here are some of the highlights of the show:

Why did he pick TNA over WWE: “I had a couple conversations with Triple H, but at the end of the day that WWE schedule is 250 plus days a year. And after spending so many years in Japan where I’d be on for a month, then I’d be off for a month, and that wasn’t necessarily something I wanted to give up.”

Andrews Take: I think for him it was the right choice. It’s very simple, it is better for his body and him. WWE schedule is brutal and TNA is the right fit for him right now. Plus he would not have been in the main program over in WWE.

On the WWE – CM Punk situation: “Let’s look at it this way. I had a year left in my deal and I asked for a release. I was ready to go. So, would I support? Absolutely, because you have to remember it is a business. In the case of the WWE: great product and powerful company, and they gave me the opportunity to do all that I have done so far for which I will be forever grateful. They’ve almost got a monopoly. They can do pretty much whatever they want. As a fan on the outside looking in, all you know is ‘hey, that’s the guy I want to see every week’ and not the intricacies of what goes on behind the scenes.”

Andrews Take: I have made this noted several times, CM Punk walked out and that was wrong. Both sides could have done something differently, but at the end of the day. Punk not only walked out on WWE, but more importantly his FANS.

On being a veteran in the TNA locker room: “One of the things that attracted me to TNA and why I chose to go there was that they did want to do somewhat of a reset and wanted to bring in fresh faces create new younger stars. They’ve already, to some extent, established that with the wolves and Magnus and some other talent that are on their wish list and they have been talking to. With my experience, I try to give it where it’s asked for. With guys like ECIII and the Wolves and some of the guys that respect the fact that I’ve been around and I am a veteran in the business, I try to give it. I just want to be the best every time I go out and I want to work with the best and I want everyone around me to want to be the best. If somebody comes to me and asks advice or for a criticism, I have no issue giving it to them because at the end of the day, we all win and the fans win, and that’s what it’s all about.”

Andrews Take: TNA has had far to much veteran leadership in the locker room up until this point. It’s safe to say that guys like Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle and Bully Ray are the guys who are the veterans. Anyone else trying to take charge, would look like a fool.

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