Raw Review: 3/3/2014

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Daniel Bryan vs. Batista

Randy Orton is the first man out. He takes a seat next to the announce table.

Bryan and Batista went back-and-forth and The Authority came down to ringside. They brawled to the outside, when Batista deliberately threw Bryan into the defenseless Orton.

Batista and Bryan re-entered the ring. After Orton recovered he joined them and attacked Bryan causing a DQ. Then he turned his attention to Batista. Batista reversed an RKO, sending Orton into Bryan’s Knee Plus.

Kane and Triple H went to get involved, but Bryan stopped them. Bryan went for a dive to the outside but was stopped by Batista. Triple H got in the ring to say something to Bryan, but Bryan kicked him in the head. Batista hit Bryan with a Batista Bomb, and The Authority stood tall over Bryan.

Again, hate to say it, but same old story. It was a really good sequence, a really fun sequence. It should get heat on The Authority and garner sympathy for Bryan. WWE wants it to make The Authority look tough, while Bryan looks weak and the crowd gives up on him. Instead, the crowd’s going to fall more in love with Bryan, while also garnering true hatred for the people running the WWE for trying to make a joke out of guys like Bryan and CM Punk.