Raw Review: 3/3/2014

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The New Age Outlaws vs. The Usos for the WWE Tag Team Championship

Yeah, it happened again. Different result this time though, The Usos are finally the WWE Tag Team Champions.

The crowd decidedly wanted The Usos, especially after Road Dogg mocked the lack of creativity during the CM Punk chants by saying “you’re no Brooklyn, that’s for sure”.

It was far from their best match, but that’s what happens when you’re up against 50 year olds. Still, it will be a match, and a moment, that they remember forever. Good for them, they’ve been a bright spot for the tag division for a while.

It would be nice to see The Usos defend the titles in a match on the main card at WrestleMania. They really have been the constant in the tag division. Team Hell No gave it some attention but they split up. Then, The Shield came in, and they’re still together, but they haven’t been involved in the tag team division for a while. The Usos have been around since just after WrestleMania 29 and they deserve a chance to carry the division.

Backstage Divas Segment

A couple of Divas were backstage talking about Raw’s guest, Aaron Paul. No AJ, no Emma, no good actors, just really bad.