Raw Review: 3/3/2014

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Sheamus vs. Christian

I’m a fan of both these guys, and I think they could, and will have a good match at WrestleMania XXX.

How many times are we going to see it before that though? I’m forced to think it won’t happen at Mania because we’ve seen it so much now. Who else would either of these guys face though?

It’s time for something to happen here as well. This still isn’t an actual feud because every time they fight, I forget why until Michael Cole tells me. These guys need a real reason to fight, otherwise it will continue to not matter.

Sheamus w/ Renee Young/Sheamus and Christian brawl backstage

After a commercial break, Renee begins to ask Sheamus about his win over Christian. Christian comes in with a spotlight and he attacks Sheamus until a group of referees break it up.

This is a good start. Christian needs to play up some heel antics here, that’s an easy way to build something for this feud before you come up with something better.