News On Last Night’s YES Movement – Was There Real Fans Involved?


– As seen on last night’s Raw, Daniel Bryan did the YES Movement with his fellow fans. While some were actual fans, the majority of the fans were WWE crew members, backstage staff members and catering workers.

Andrews Take: The YES movement was a one of a kind affair and enjoy it while it lasted because I do not see them doing that kind of angle again. Daniel Bryan capitalizes on what makes him popular. It’s interacting with his fans and the idea of bringing his fans into the ring on live TV proved that he is all about his fans. It gave what the fans wanted and what WWE management wanted.

– Mick Foley commented on last night’s Raw via his Facebook Page:

"“Dear WWE,Thank you. If you knew from the beginning what a super-hot heel a win at the Royal Rumble would make Dave Batista, then you were smarter than all of us.If you didn’t know, and were then forced to adapt to a unique set of circumstances that the backlash from the Rumble provided, then you adapted very well.With one outstanding Raw, you’ve got me, and millions of fans around the world excited about the biggest showcase in our business, and I’m thrilled to be going. When I expressed concern after the Rumble, you told me not to judge a book by its cover. I came darn close to just putting that book back on the shelf, but it now looks like the final few chapters are going to turn into a captivating page-turner. On behalf of RAINN, which saw a HUGE jump in?#?WrestlemaniaDreamVacation? Raffle entries after last night’s Raw, thank you for the difference you are allowing them to make in the lives of thousands of people through this raffle – 100% of which goes to RAINN, the largest ant-sexual assault group in the US. Even as I was voicing my displeasure with some of the shows, you were sending me HOF tickets, allowing WWE Superstars and Divas to participate, and asking how you could help to make my raffle better. Thanks also for allowing me to speak my mind without any private or public reprimand. Yes, I’ll admit that attending the Knicks game in my pajamas, while officially representing the company was a form of protest. Maybe not as blatant as smashing my TV, but a form of protest, nonetheless. But as my friend Brendon Burns, a brilliant comic from Australia, with an incredible mind for the wrestling business (who would love to write for you guys, by the way) put it – WWE’s recent shows have actually helped create one of the most fascinating, influential characters we’ve seen in wrestling in years: the fans. Newly excited fans can learn more about, and enter the ?#?WrestlemaniaDReamVacationRaffle? At,Mick Foley”"

– Speaking of Mick Foley, he appeared on the fifth edition of 30 years of WrestleMania podcast. You can check it out here.

Andrews Take: Mick Foley is not under contract with WWE right now. But is also making appearances on WWE product. He is an awesome writer, an awesome superstar and also keeps it real. Too bad Mick Foley cannot do some writing for