WWE Main Event (3/11) Results: U.S & Divas Title On The Line

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Welcome to the second airing of Main Event live on the WWE Network. We kick things off with..

Los Matadores Vs. Ryback and Curtis Axel
Ryback starts things off for his time, they tie up and Ryback drives him into the corner then throws him across the ring. Ryback wants a test of strength test, but Matadore hits a drop kick, then locks in a side headlock. Matadore shoots off the ropes and hits a spinning elbow. Ryback bounces his head off the turnbuckle, then sends him to the apron, Matadore gets back in and tags his partner then they hit a double team kick. Matadore shoots off the ropes and rolls him up, Ryback misses the splash to counter and ends up eating an elbow by Matadore. Ryback with a knee to the gut, then sends him into the corner. Axel with kicks to the chest, then a chop to the chest while Matadore is in the corner. He throws him into the corner, but Matadore reverses with a head take over. Axel sends him hard into the corner and follows it up with a clothesline to the back for a near fall. He tags in Ryback and the big guy lands a series of knee shots to the chin. Ryback with more heavy handed right hands. Ryback locks in a headlock, but Matadore fights out with a jawbreaker. They trade right hands, then Matadore with a kick to the chin. Ryback knocks off his partner and sends the Matadore into their corner. Axel locks in a headlock and the Matadore fights out with knee shots to the ribs. Axel with a running knee to the face of the mask warrior for a near fall. Ryback in and he goes for a suplex, but the matador tries to fight out, but not enough and Ryback hits a suplex. Ryback with right hands, but Matadore fights back with some of his own. Ryback misses the big splash and this leads to a hot tag to the other Matadore. He hits a springboard elbow, then a spinning elbow to the face. Matadore with a drop kick to Ryback then a chop to Axel. Matador with a springboard cross body and then a head take over. Matadore on the top rope hits a front dive and Ryback breaks up the pin fall. Ryback is taken out by a matador then El Torrito is drop kicked off the apron and this leads to a roll up by a Matadore for the win.

Winner: Los Matadores in 8:36

AJ Lee comes out and is in the ring, she says that she is so bored. She says that Natalya has another shot at her title and that there is no competition in the Divas champion. Once again she will prove why she is the longest reigning divas champion of all time.

AJ Lee © Vs. Natalya
Natalya with a head take over, then AJ lee gets her way up and they go right back with Natalya locking in a head lock and taking it over. Natalya with a strong shoulder block, then a roll up for a near fall. Natalya with a waist lock, then breaks it as AJ grabs the ropes. Natalya with another headlock take over, she gets the fans involved as they are dead. AJ breaks the hold, she lands a series of kicks, then a wrist lock. Natalya rolls out and locks in a leg lock. AJ crawls to the ropes, and then grabs them. She regroups while on the apron, they lock up and Natalya with a roll up. Natalya with a power slam, she locks in an abdominal stretch, but AJ fights out with elbows. Natalya goes for a power slam, but AJ gets on the apron. Natalya hits a dropkick and sends AJ to the floor.

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