WWE Raw (3/11) Counterpoint: Yes Movement, Hogan & Taker Appear

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John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt – Early Prediction
Point: It looks like Superman is about to face his next villain at WrestleMania 30. With only a month away from the event, let’s take some early predictions. I think the smart money would be having Cena win the match. Let him go out there and get his ass kicked for a while, then somehow, some way. He comes back and gets the win. However, if you want to make Bray into the next level guy then I think it’s a must win for Bray. Cena can rally back if he loses. Bray needs a big win and up until this point he has not. Cena is on a different level than guys like Kane and the Shield.

Counterpoint: I agree that the smart money is on Cena, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Look at Cena’s match with Cesaro, and his match with Damien Sandow, when Sandow cashed in Money in the Bank a few months ago. Cesaro looked like he belonged in the same ring as Cena the whole way through that match; Sandow didn’t. Regardless of what you think of Sandow’s abilities, he didn’t have the biggest presence that a main adventure needs. If Bray Wyatt wants to be a main eventer in WWE, he needs to have a strong showing against Cena on the Grandest Stage of Them All. I think Wyatt can do it, I think WWE thinks Wyatt can do it, I think WWE thinks Wyatt can do it. If he does it, whether he wins or loses, his match with Cena at WrestleMania will be the day it all started.


Is Nikki Bella the real contender in the women’s division?
Point: After Nikki and her sister Brie, defeated the Divas Champion AJ and Tamina on Raw. There was some heat between her (Nikki) and the number one contender, Natalya. After seeing the improvement with Nikki and what Natalya has shown, Nikki stands out as the real number one contender of the Divas division.

Counterpoint: Nikki has to be the #1 contender. WWE basically came out and said it on Raw, and that’s fine. The problem is, don’t try and sell people on AJ defending her title against Natalya on Main Event, because nobody cares anymore. Either Natalya won’t win, or she will and she’ll drop the title to Nikki at or before WrestleMania. No matter what happens, you can watch it all play out on Total Divas.