WWE Raw (3/11) Counterpoint: Yes Movement, Hogan & Taker Appear

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Daniel Bryan creates the YES movement
Point: First off an amazing site with all the DB fans in the ring. This was a one of a kind moment and one we have not seen in some time. Maybe ever. Bryan got his match with Triple H, but more importantly, he got his match that we the fans were begging for. He will most likely be in the world title match at Mania.

Counterpoint: I can’t take credit for the comparison, because many have already made it before me, but this is the equivalent of Austin drives the beer truck into the arena and soaking The Rock, and Vince and Shane McMahon. This was so well executed. The image that Raw was going to commercial with about 10 people in the ring, when they came back from commercial and there were about 50, was amazing. Bryan, Triple H and Stephanie, especially, played their roles to perfection. Security and Damien Sandow’s attempts to clear/enter the ring were hilarious. In the end, the crowd finally gets what they want. Bryan has a match with Triple H, if he wins, he’s in the title match. It seems like Triple H will finally get what’s coming to him, and Bryan could leave WrestleMania as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.


Andre the Giant battle royal match at WrestleMania 30
Point: Hulk Hogan announced that there will be a battle royal at WrestleMania 30 and the winner will receive an Andre the Giant trophy for their winnings. At this time there is no weight limit for this match, but if it is based after Andrew the Giant then you would think it would have to go to someone who is over 280 – 300 pound range. I think there is one clear cut winner for this match and it’s the Big Show. He is the closest thing to Andre and he has been compared all of his life to the big man. It would only make sense for him to win this battle royal.

Counterpoint: This should be cool. I’m not putting too much stock in it, it’s just a WrestleMania battle royal. Although, WWE did do a good job of making it seem important. The Andre The Giant trophy is a pretty cool idea, and John Cena wants to join made it seem like a big deal. However, at WrestleMania, it will seem like much less of a big deal. I hope to see Big E is getting the win, he has already entered the match and it would be cool to see him get a WrestleMania win, even though he can’t be in a traditional singles match.