TNA Impact (3/13) Results


Welcome to TNA Impact! We are back in the Impact zone and we see EC3, Rock Star Spud and Magnus make their way to the stage, but Bobby Roode stops them. He says that the insurance policy (Bully Ray) cost them the match and the minute they see him they need to kick his ass. We then are shown highlights from this past Sunday’s Lockdown PPV.

The winning team from Lethal Lockdown leader and now head honcho of TNA, MVP makes his way out to the ring. He says that Dixie land is over and that Bully Ray will address the fans on his own. He says that Ray will have equal footing just like everyone else here in TNA. The simple way he will conduct business around here is, motivate the wrestler in TNA and if he will validate anyone who has a beef with someone. If you are out of line then he will take care of it right here in the ring. TNA champion, Magnus comes out to the ring, he says that the MVP principal is the most ridiculous thing he has ever heard. He says that since Dixie Carter wasted her time trying to keep control of TNA and fumbling the ball, he was running with it and scoring with it. He says that the reign of Magnus is more powerful than ever and he will show everyone why. He introduces Abyss. Who comes out in a new brown mask. Magnus says that Abyss is a machine and Magnus gave him an upgrade. He says that he is motivated by destruction, but also by money. He says when you are the world champion then you have enough to give around. He says that they are a strong force and at the end of the day, they are the same when it comes to money and power. MVP says that he saw Magnus was getting beat down by Samoa Joe at Lockdown until Abyss saved him. MVP brings out Samoa Joe, because everyone has the opportunity to get their beef out here in the ring. Joe comes out holding his ribs or his stomach (Too much to eat?) he looks extremely mad. MVP says that the reason Joe is calm right now due to him, believing in the MVP concept. For instance like Magnus defending the title against Joe next week on Impact. Also, since Abyss interfered at Lockdown, now Joe can face Abyss right now.

Joe spears Abyss and lands a series of right hands.

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Samoa Joe Vs. Abyss
We come back from break and Joe is in control with lefts and rights. However, Abyss catches him with a knee to the gut and the fans hate it. Abyss chokes him on the second rope, he sends the big guy in the corner and lands right hands. Abyss backs the referee off, he sends him down to the mat and locks in a chin lock. Joe with the fans help fights out, he lands a series of elbow shots, then shoots off the ropes but right into a choke slam. Joe fights out of that and hits a big boot followed by a back splash. Joe in pain as his ribs are still hurting, Abyss with a quick jab to the ribs, then clubbing right hands to the back. Abyss shoots off the ropes and right into a scoop slam by Joe. Samoa Joe runs into the corner and hits a knee to the face. Joe goes for the muscle buster, but Abyss is too heavy. Abyss with a right hand, but misses and Joe hits a head butt. Joe off the top rope, but fly’s right into a choke slam by Abyss. “The Monster” goes out and gets Janice. The sick and twisted weapon, he gets in the ring and goes after Joe. Out of nowhere, Eric Young hits a missile drop kick and that causes the DQ.

Winner: Abyss by DQ in 4:28

EY clears house and they stare off.

JB is waiting on Bully Ray and up walks Angelina Love who said did you miss me? Then walks off.

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JB is still in the back waiting on Bully Ray until Willow comes up and says some weird Willow’s way stuff. Good god that laugh!
Before her match, the Brittany intro video package is shown. She is a second generation wrestler.

Brittany Vs. Gail Kim
Kim with a kick to the face to start off the match. Kim with right hands, but Brittany lands some of her own. Kim with a neck breaker, then punches. Kim throws her into the corner and hits some kicks, she lifts her up and hits a slam. Brittany fires back with right hands, Kim, however with a kick to the gut. Kim with right hands, then lifts her up again, but Brittany blocks and reveres it into a neck breaker. The crowd gets behind her, Brittany with right hands in the corner, but Led ‘I Tapa accidently runs into Kim and Brittany rolls her up for the win.
Winner: Brittany in 2:00

After the match Tapa and Kim start fighting, Kim with right hands, but Tapa hits a spine buster. Tapa with ground and pound right hands until the referee gets her off of Kim.

Rock Star distracts bully Ray and then the Bro-mans with EC3 attacks Ray. They beat him down in the back leading to him falling down and EC3 stands over him saying that Ray embarrassed his family! They continue the beat down and Bobby Roode gets in his face. Bobby says that Ray is going to find out why it pays to be Roode! Bobby hits him with a sign and says that he does not screw with Bobby Roode.

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DJ Zema Ion introduces the TNA tag team champions, Jesse, Robbie, the Bro-Mans!

The Bro-Man’s Vs. Sanada and Tigre Uno
Sanada and Jesse start things off, Jesse with a power slam followed by a drop kick to start things off. Robbie tagged in and Sanada with a wrist lock, then tags in UNO. Tigre with a kick, then sends him into the ropes, but Robbie hits a big clothesline and then tags in Jesse. He hits a press slam followed by Robbie hitting an elbow to the back. Jesse in off the double team move, but blocked, they he hits a drop kick. He and Sanada hit a double team drop kick. They then hit a double team suplex with him landing on Robbie. Sanada takes them out on the floor with a front senton. UNO with a dive over the top rope taking out the champions. Back in the ring Sanada and Uno hit a double team missile drop kick. UNO takes out Jesse and Sanada finishes off Robbie with a monster off the top rope for the win.

winners: Sanada and Tigre Uno in 2:44

Bully Ray regroups and starts walking towards the stage.

-Commercial Break-

Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne are in the back talking about Angelina Love. Sky is shocked and then we cut back to the Bro-man’s upset about losing their match. Bully Ray enters and attacks them. He hits them with a steel chair and gives Zema Ion a wedgie (Was that necessary?)

Samuel Shaw is seen talking to a storage container about how Christy Hemme should watch him destroy Mr. Anderson once and for all then chases the camera man away.

Willow is in the upper area of the arena watching.

Rockstar Spud and EC3 are about to go out to the ring to deliver a perfect send off for Dixie Carter.

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Samoa Joe is looking for EY and he finally finds him. He says that he understands the history between EY and Abyss, but it is interfering in his problems. Joe says that if EY gets involved again, then EY will be the problem. Joe gives EY a pass for tonight, but tells EY to not get in his business and then EY says that next week he will have Joe’s back next week.

Rock Star Spud and EC3 come out to the ring with a giant picture of Dixie Carter. Spud in tears, he says that today and young Ethan, as well as everyone watching at home are mourning the wrestling operations are run by MVP instead of queen Dixie Carter. EC3 says this night is not about MVP as he starts to cry. He says that this night is about his queen and all of ours, about how she made us all feel and how she made him feel. He gets mad and tells the crowd to shut up (Please do!) he compares her to marry about how she cradled him. He says he prepared a tribute for her and it is shown of her greatest moments. He says thank you Dixie. Spud says that a video is just not enough and he has prepared a reading as well, he puts on his Uncle Tom glasses and starts reading from his speech. MVP interrupts and he comes out, MVP says that Dixie Carter is gone not dead. He makes that a point, he says that since knowing him and now that Spud has grown up. He says that he will give him credit due to him being loyal to Dixie and he needs MVP a guy like that. MVP says that he does not need a chief of staff and that he needs to fulfill his TNA contract as a wrestler. Spud says that the rest of the wrestlers are bigger than him. MVP says that spud is a lion and he fired Spud up in a match. MVP says that Spud will face Willow tonight. EC3 starts laughing and MVP says next week EC3 will face Bobby Lashley. Bobby comes out to the ring and EC3 says NO. He adds that Lashley is not on the roster and therefore he can’t compete against someone not on the roster. Now his first act of director of TNA, he signs Lashley to a contract with TNA. Bobby smashes the picture of Dixie Carter over the head of Spud. He strokes the picture of Dixie as the little guy lays there. Lashley and EC3 squares off, Bobby backs EC3 out of the ring and EC3 goes to the back in fear.

JB interviews EC3 in the back and EC3 says that he will do what he did to Kurt Angle next week to Bobby Lashley. Ray attacks EC3 and hits him with a cardboard sign.

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Prior to the match, Shaw brings out a manikin of Christy Hemme to the ring and sets her in the corner of the ring. Before Anderson can do his introduction speech, Shaw attacks him from the side of the stage.

Street Fight: Mr. Anderson Vs. Samuel Shaw
Shaw with right hands and sends him back to ringside. Anderson fights back with right hands and sends him into the steel steps, but reversed and Shawn sends Anderson into them. Shaw sends Anderson, head first and then back first into the apron. They trade punches on the floor, then Shaw with a suplex on the floor. Anderson sends him back into the ring and Shaw catches him with a knee to the gut. They trade right hands, Anderson with several and he then clotheslines Shaw. Anderson with a back elbow, then a neck breaker. Anderson hits the rolling senton, he then goes for the “Mic Check” but Shaw rolls to the corner. Anderson sits by the manikin and Shaw freaks out. Anderson lifts the Manikin up and kisses it, then throws it into Shaw where he hits the “Mic Check” for the win.

Winner Anderson in 3:53

After the match Anderson does his ANDERSON speech to the doll. Did Al Snow come up with this?

Angelina Love says that the reason is back in TNA and if you want to find out then do not go anywhere.

-Commercial Break-

Kenny King #kingofthenight video is shown once again.

Angelina Love makes her return to the TNA ring and says that she thought sometimes she would never hear that music again. She says it’s great to be back in TNA, she says since her departure from a couple years ago. She says that she realized what she had until it was gone and that was the fans, but more importantly it was Velvet Sky. Velvet makes her way to the ring, they hug it out in the ring. Love says that she had so many things to tell Sky before she left but she didn’t. If it was not for Sky then she would not be who she is in the pro wrestling business. She wants the “Beautiful People” to reunite and Sky says that she is lost right now. She was not expecting Love to appear on Impact tonight. She says that she realized in the time that love has been gone, that she won the Knockouts title and she is ready to move on. She is saying that no matter what the bond of the “Beautiful People” is ready to move on. Sky says that she needs more time, but she needs more time to think.

Bully Ray is seen walking in the back looking for Bobby Roode.
Willow is in action next!

-Commercial Break-

Willow Vs. Rock Star Spud
Willow with right hands to start the match off, he throws him into the corner head first. Willow sends him in the other corner and misses a splash. Spud with right hands, he goes for a bulldog, but Willow hits a side suplex. Willow with a splash in the corner then some dancing. Spud rakes the eyes of Willow and goes to the top rope, Willow stops him and turns him upside down. He kicks him in the chest, then looks under the ring for his umbrella. He hits him in the chest with it.

Winner Spud in 2:22

After the match, he hits a twist of fate on the referee. He then grabs a chair and a ladder. He sets the ladder up and hits the face first suplex then puts the chair on Spuds knee. He follows it up with a kick to the knee while the chair is smashed on the knee of Spud. Willow with a splash off the top of the ladder.

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Bully Ray makes his way out to the ring, he says he never thought he would hear a chant for him. He says that before you die then you see a flash of your life. He says that when Anderson smashed his face into the coffin, that he saw his career. However, for giving a good reason, he was going to tell everyone why. But before he could, he was attacked by Bobby Roode and company. He says that Bobby Roode would have been another Dixie Carter if his team won at Lockdown. He says that he wants Bobby right now and he wants to fight. Roode makes his way to the ring, he runs in and they start brawling. Ray with his signature jabs and it drops Roode to the floor. He gets a table with the help of the crowd chanting tables. He turns around, but Roode hits a big spine buster on Ray. He hits the Roode bomb, but blocked and Ray hits an RKO style move. Ray hits a powerbomb that sends Roode through the table to end the show.

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