AR’s Truth: Steve Austin At WrestleMania, Sheamus & Daniel Bryan’s Future Feuds


I figured that i would start a weekly blog recapping the big three things that happened in pro wrestling this week. It is a work in progress and i hope you enjoy.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin Appearing At WrestleMania 30

Having Steve Austin appearing is a great idea and really he could just have an interaction with Hogan or someone like that. Maybe a bit with Daniel Bryan and giving him advice. “Stone Cold” is so talented that whatever they give him, he will knock it out of the park. Every time that Steve Austin comes back to the WWE it is a treat. He gets a great pop and it’s very entertaining. However, you should keep in mind that he can be hard to deal with. He might not be the smartest guy in the room, but he does have common sense. If something creative does not sound right then he will not do it. Bottom line and no pun intended at all. Getting something for him to do will not be a hard task, getting him to agree with it that might be a different story.

Sheamus Expected To Be In The World Heavyweight Title Picture

Sheamus  was added to WWE live events on Thursday and after WrestleMania he is set for those live events to face WWE world Heavyweight champion Randy Orton. Now usually live events are practice to the WWE superstars for their future matches that do not take place on TV and most for big matches that are designed for pay-per-views. With Sheamus  current in a program with Christian and looks to be ending at WrestleMania 30 it appears that Sheamus will be in the main event spotlight once again. He is being pushed as the number three Babyface in the WWE right now, not saying that is a bad thing but one must be concerned with crowd reactions. Even though WWE and the company wants him to the be that guy, the WWE universe is pointed towards Daniel Bryan. We have seen Sheamus  and Orton fight over the world title a couple of years ago. When they do compete it is not a bad match. However the WWE universe eats it up and craps all over it. If WWE really thinks that they can get by with Sheamus in the main spotlight on the company and not get negative heat over it then they are not being real to themselves. Sheamus  is a good talent and so is Randy Orton, but even though you might be a good talent does not mean that the fans will like it.

Daniel Bryan In The Main Event At WrestleMania 30

As seen on Raw, DB AKA the Yes man AKA the “Bearded Goat”, Daniel Bryan looks to be saving the WWE from embarrassment at WrestleMania 30. For some reason WWE had the idea that a jacked up, I demand everything and do not care about your feelings, Dave Batista returns and getting the main spotlight like he never left was not gonna get heat. This is not 2005 where Batista is your second Babyface and a crowd pleaser. Batista is what he is (former WWE superstar / now movie star) coming back and given the main spotlight. If Brock Lesnar, The Rock or any other big name comes back and they demand that spotlight then they will be understandably accepted. Batista is not that big name, he is a future Hall of Famer with all of his accolades and accomplishments, but is no where near the level that the Rock is. He is a good hand, but not a great hand. Since his return, he has been no where near what he once was and understandably. However, with the obvious card issues, match quality and totally out of touch with how Wrestling is today. He is shown out of the norm and really is a shell of what made him the six time WWE world Heavyweight champion.

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