SmackDown Review: Kane vs. Big Show, Triple H Responds To “Occupy Raw”

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Kofi Kingston vs. Bray Wyatt

Pretty good match. Like Rollins-Sandow and Big E-Fandango, this was a squash match, but Kofi had a much better showing than Sandow or Fandango.

Kane and The Shield backstage

The Shield are backstage and Kane is congratulating them on a good week. He asks that they join him at ringside for his main event match with Big Show. The Shield calls him out though and claim that he is just scared of getting knocked out again like he did last week. Kane gets upset with them and demands them to join him. Roman Reigns gets in his face and says they don’t listen to his demands, Seth Rollins then tells Kane that The Shield always does what’s best for business. The dynamic that WWE has presented with The Shield is very interesting. They all have their own roles and they seem like they’re all on equal footing.