SmackDown Review: Kane vs. Big Show, Triple H Responds To “Occupy Raw”

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Kane and The Shield backstage

As Kane is getting set to go to the ring, he passes The Shield. He tells them he doesn’t like to repeat himself and says “Let’s go”. The Shield look fed up, but decide to go with him.

Kane vs. Big Show

Decent match from two of the greatest big men in WWE history. Big Show won with a chokeslam after The Shield decided not to help Kane, despite his demands for them to attack Big Show. The Shield didin’t initially accompany Kane to the ring, but they made their way to ringside just after the match started. At the end, Kane was calling for The Shield to attack, but they were very hesitant. After Kane yelled some more at Seth Rollins, Rollins gave the signal to Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns and all three men dropped off the apron to leave Kane on his own. After the match, Kane dragged Rollins into the ring, as he lifted him for a chokeslam, Reigns hit Kane with a spear and The Shield stood tall over Kane.