Raw Review: Daniel Bryan and Triple H Come Face-to-Face

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Triple H and Daniel Bryan promo

Triple H comes out and talks about his past with Bryan. In the end, he tells Bryan that he respects him. Continuing with the Triple H and Stephanie McMahon storyline, she comes out and says that Bryan is disrespectful, and that she is pressing charges. She then sends out a group of officers who arrest Bryan and hold him down while Bryan doesn’t resist. Triple H then makes them back off. Then, Triple H reveals it was all a setup and he attacks Bryan while he is still handcuffed. Triple H beats Bryan down for a while before hitting the Pedigree to end the show. Intense beatdown, and really great work from Triple H. He sold me that he had respect for Bryan. I thought it was bad booking, but I bought it. The way he turned it around was fantastic. Seeing how Bryan responds next week will be interesting.