Raw Review: Daniel Bryan and Triple H Come Face-to-Face

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Triple H, Batista and Randy Orton promo

Triple H does a good job of mocking Daniel Bryan, but the crowd has no reaction. He says that he will have a face-to-face with Bryan later. He gets interrupted by Batista. Batista is very upset with Bryan possibly being added to the title match, saying he didn’t sign up for a Triple Threat. Possibly storyline imitating reality. Orton then comes out and agrees with Batista. Triple H is offended that they think Bryan can beat him. Orton blames the Yes Movement on Batista, saying that the crowd doesn’t believe in Batista and that left them with Bryan by default. Batista says that Orton is a bad champion and that’s why the crowd likes Bryan. Triple H loses his patience with them and decides that if he beats Bryan, he will join the title match at WrestleMania because he no longer wants to take care of Orton and Batista. Showing that these three are not on the same page is a great piece of storytelling and an important detail in the Daniel Bryan-WrestleMania story.

Batista w/ Renee Young

After the commercial, Renee catches up with Batista and he says that coming back here was a big mistake.