Raw Review: Daniel Bryan and Triple H Come Face-to-Face

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Sheamus vs. Titus O’Neil/Sheamus w/ Renee Young

Sheamus wins with a Brogue Kick, after a little help from Hornswoggle. Fun match, they really sold the St. Patrick’s Day thing with Hornswoggle being in Sheamus’ corner. Then it continued with Sheamus’ promo afterwards. It was a good time for this segment, to be a throwaway early in the show.

Sidenote: Christian was on commentary, and he announced that he would be in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. Sheamus announced that he would be in the battle royal in his promo with Renee. Good news for all the people who are dedicated viewers and saw these two fight 100 times already this year, and feared it would happen again at WrestleMania.