Raw Review: Daniel Bryan and Triple H Come Face-to-Face

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Paul Heyman promo

Heyman introduces a video package which looks at The Undertaker and The Streak. It also looks at the physicality of Brock Lesnar, and why that will help Lesnar end The Streak. The Undertaker’s last three WrestleMania opponents, Triple H (twice) and CM Punk, are exactly the same as Lesnar’s last three opponents, not counting Big Show at the Royal Rumble. That could be a way of showing how they match up and making Lesnar seem like more of a threat to The Streak.

The Authority backstage

Stephanie scolds Triple H for not thinking before he speaks. She feels he hasn’t taken the “Occupy Raw” stuff serious enough and wants him to start doing so, especially before his big face-to-face encounter with Daniel Bryan.