NXT First Impressions


Now that I’ve been catching NXT on the Network, I’ve seen what people are talking about when they mention different guys and gals. I thought I would throw out some names, and give my take on what I feel about them just from the early viewings.

Adam Rose

I still don’t know what to make of this guy. I understand he’s the artist formerly known as Leo Kruger, but like I also stated, I’ve not watched NXT before, so I’m going by what the guy is now.  Just ask Bray Wyatt about previous gimmicks and how current gimmicks are what someone is truly judged upon.

Rose’s entrance is fun, I can say that. But guess what?  Fandango’s was fun too, and let’s look at where he is right now.  Not exactly lighting it up in the ring.  That’s where a guy or girl needs to do their best work, and for me, I just don’t see anything special in Rose. I think if he was called up to the main roster, fans of the internet variety would be putting a shovel to the gimmick even before it hits the ring.  That’s why I know he’s got to make things work in the ring, so the rest of the character can have value.

Adrian Neville

I do see something in this guy as he looks to work in the ring and can do somethings on the microphone.  Obviously, WWE believes enough in him to give him the NXT title, so who knows when he might get a shot on the main roster?  But he can continue to hone his craft in NXT and see where he can take his character.

Bo Dallas

I guess you can say that I’m a Bo-liever as I do want to get behind this guy and see where he can go. He’s got the mic skills with that cheesy smile, but the heel attitude. Who wouldn’t love a heel that says he wasn’t pinned to lose his title when the match was a LADDER MATCH?  I think WWE feels okay with him to give that short run last year with Wade Barrett, and would have liked to see more of that happen.  But now he’s got a run with the NXT title, and he looks to be fine working down there. I know with the recent push of NXT, he might just find a home down there for a bit longer.

Aiden English

Ran across this guy just last night, and I think this gimmick might grown on me. He makes me think of Damien Sandow and hey Sandow has nothing going on, why not pair him together as some tag team?  Getting a chance to work with Sheamus had to be a good sign for this guy as well.

Corey Graves

He’s got something in him as well that I believe could make him work well with the main roster.  Just a bad attitude and able to work well in the ring. His mic skills seem fine. I would think he’s going to get called up later on this year if he can continue to work.

Sami Zayn

This guy has me sold all around.  Very personable attitude and of course can work the ring with the best of them.  I really would like to see him get called up soon enough, but with such a crowd up on the main roster, his time will have to wait.


My own critique of Paige is what side of the fence is she on.  Face or heel?  But she’s obviously the top woman down there in NXT as she’s been the only NXT Diva’s champion, and currently the longest reigning champion of any title.


It’s amazing to me that Emma connects so well down in NXT (maybe that’s more forced), but on the main roster, she’s not quite there. I thought the pairing of her and Santino is great because let’s face it they’re in that same vein of character.  Maybe it will just take some actual ring work for fans to get on her side.


Is this AJ lite?  Not on the heel side of things, but definitely, small and aggressive at times.  That’s what is most interesting to me from the few divas I’ve seen in NXT, the size of them is quite small, almost at AJ’s size. I am sure that’s by design.  But it’s surprising that you can’t get some variety in the women.

Sascha Banks/Charlotte

I lumped these two gals together as they are part of the BFF’s, which of course, makes me think of Layla and Michelle McCool and whatever they were called.  I think Charlotte works fine in the ring, and it helps having Ric Flair as her dad.  I’m very surprised she’s not had a shot on the main roster because of that. I’m not too sure what my judgment of Banks is.  She reminds me a ton of Layla, so I’ll just go with that.

I am sure I’ve missed a guy or gal here, so feel free to write up someone, and I’ll give them a look and my thoughts on them.