TNA Impact! (3/20) Counterpoint: Magnus Vs Joe, Beautiful People Drama




Here is this week’s TNA Impact! counterpoint:

Magnus Defeats Samoa Joe to retain his World Title in a shady way with the help Abyss (Thoughts?)

Andrew’s Take: Going into the match I knew Magnus would retain the belt and I see them having the third match at next month’s PPV (Sacrifice) the issue i am finding with this story is not MAgnus and Joe, but Joe slowly becomes heel. OK, so maybe he is not turning, but he is doing everything a heel would. He blames MVP about everything and honestly MVP unlocking the handcuffs to throw the tacks up the ramp looked like he was an idiot. I am not sure on what TNA is trying to tell. IS it Mangus vs. Joe or Joe to face and turn on MVP. Is Joe a good guy or a bad guy? Good god I am confused.

Mike’s Take: This is getting kind of confusing. I think they need to just do something with Joe now. I think Joe will shift some of his attention to MVP now, to fill his time before he gets one more title shot at Sacrifice. It should just be a respect building mini-feud between MVP and Joe, where they both go in as faces, and both come out the same way.


The Beautiful People Angle – Like it? Hate it?

Andrew’s Take: So Angelina Love wants Velvet Sky, but does not want Madison Rayne. She also says she is not the same person she once was by bullying and telling Sky what to do. She also always wanted the TNA Knockouts title. Madison Rayne has the Knockouts title. Love attacked Rayne. Is everyone following me here? It is a repeat of 2010 and I do not care to go down that road again.

Mike’s Take: I’m very interested in what they have building here. People love Velvet Sky, but seeing her play both sides in a Angelina-Madison feud would be a good way to set up her heel turn. Every good Knockouts feud in the past year, has been away from the title, they need to re-shift the focus back to make the title more important.


Has Ethan Carter The 3rd Lost His Value?

Andrew’s Take: After Dixie Carter is taken off TV, he has gotten beat down by Bobby Lashley, looked like a chump by Magnus and then beat down by Willow. Where is the EC3 who took out Kurt Angle. EC3 has something and he was on the right path of achieving it. Do not make EC3 look like another chump on your roster, but rather book him right back into where he was when he made his debut. When he looks like a star rather than an idiot.

Mike’s Take: I think this is all part of the progression of EC3. He is hopefully going through the motions of turning face, and setting up for a title feud with Magnus. After all the work he did to help Magnus gain the title, it would be the perfect way to bring that storyline full circle.

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