What Should Happen At Wrestlemania XXX?


source WWE.com

Brock Lesnar VS The Undertaker

This match at mania has a lot more at stake than just the streak. One of my longest friendships could well be destroyed if the streak isn’t. My friend loves Undertaker and I’m obviously firmly in The Beasts corner but if Taker wins and he gloats, I might have to slap the Kimura on him myself.

The streak needs to die at Wrestlemania XXX.

Ok maybe that’s a biased view but going 1 on 1 with the baddest man on earth is daunting even if you are a walking corpse. The thing is, if Triple H and CM Punk have taken undertaker to the limit, in theory, Brock should pick him apart and walk away having conquered the streak. However, this is the Phenom and I just don’t see the streak ever ending and definitely not unless the undertaker is going to retire soon after.

Having seen reports of an Undertaker vs John Cena match at WM32, it looks like the streak will be preserved until at least then.

So if this match really is the foregone conclusion it looks to be then it needs another dramatic ending, I would love to see Brock breaking Takers arm, only for Taker to sit up and Tombstone Piledrive Brock one handed all the way to hell.

Cena Vs Bray

Let me first say, I like Cena, I respect Cena for his hard work and dedication. But Bray Wyatt needs to win this one. I know he doesn’t think so but I think it’s time for Cena to pass the torch. The WWE have made a point of making Bray look strong in the build-up so if he goes to mania and loses, it could well stop his momentum dead.

However I do think that the build-up to this match could be a lot more dramatic, something along the lines of Bray pushing Cena to breaking point and hoping to see him snap (similar to when Kane tried to push Cena into being the bad guy a while back). That would be perfect seeing as bray wants the world to “see Cena as he does”. Cena coming out and admitting he’s scared, just doesn’t cut it.

Is it likely to happen? I don’t think the WWE are ready to start winding Cena down yet so I think he picks up the win, unless there’s outside interference from Harper or Rowan.  But then again they did have Bray beat the most over guy in the company right now in Daniel Bryan a while back so there is a slight possibility.

The Yes Movement vs Triple H

When this match was extorted during the occupy Raw movement, I think most people saw it as an inevitability that Bryan would topple Triple HHH and at least go on to the main event with Orton and Batista.

But with triple H throwing a spanner in the works announcing that he will enter the main event should he beat Bryan, it’s definitely an interesting twist to keep fans on their toes, though I still think WM30 will be where the Yes Movement comes to a head and we see Daniel Bryan lift the titles.

Andre The Giant Battle Royal

How on earth are they making the Big Show out to be the favourite? I’m getting real tired of this World’s Largest Athlete stuff. I don’t blame the Big Show, I blame the writers, one week he’s being taken apart by somebody, the next he’s an angry giant and nothing can stand in his way, MAKE YOUR MIND UP!

Oh, and I also keep hearing Big Show say that people always compare him to Andre, no, your similar in size and that’s where the comparison ends, Andre was unbeaten for 15 years! Again, no fault to the big show, the writers could have made a lot more out of his career.

With that small rant out the way, my pick for this match is Dolph Ziggler to finally get a Wrestlemania moment. Many people including myself can obviously see that he deserves this if not more for the way he throws himself around the ring like a rag doll, all in the name of entertainment.

Too outspoken or not, it’s time for Dolph to steal the greatest show on earth.

Whether you agree with my picks or have some ideas of your own, let me know in the comments section below.