Raw Review: Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker Meet Face-to-Face, The Shield vs. The Real Americans, and John Cena vs. Luke Harper

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Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker face-to-face

Brock Lesnar entered with Paul Heyman. Heyman again spoke highly of The Streak, but this time, Lesnar was not having it. He took the mic out of Heyman’s hand and said that he was there to fight. The Undertaker’s druids made their way out to the arena, along with the music that accompanies them. A casket had appeared on stage and they rolled it down to the ring. Lesnar stomped on the casket a few times before swinging it open. There was nothing in there so he started to walk towards the druids but they retreated up the ramp. Lesnar furiously closed the casket and started to throw a fit, when suddenly the casket reopened and The Undertaker sat up and turned his head to stare at Lesnar. He climbed out and had a short brawl with Lesnar before tossing him out of the ring. Everything about this feud points to Lesnar winning at WrestleMania because Taker always has the upper-hand, but all logic says that won’t happen for obvious reasons. The booking of this feud has been poorly done, ever since the contract signing. The magnitude of both guys is what is selling it.