WWE Raw Counterpoint (3/25): Diva Over Kill, Lesnar – Taker, Razor HOF



Razor Roman To Be In The 2014 Class of The WWE Hall of Fame
Andrews Take: This is probably the most stacked HOF class in WWE history. Razor AKA Scott Hall deserves to be in the hall. I am just afraid that with such a stacked class that next year’s class will not have the right people in it.

Mike Take: This is a solid class, but there are no big stars. The Ultimate Warrior wasn’t on top long enough, Jake “The Snake” was never truly on top, and Razor Ramon never on top, or around long enough. I would be very happy with this induction if Scott Hall was going in, but just Razor Ramon is simply not enough.

Stephen Take:  I think it’s a fine class. But I do think there are guys more deserving than razor Ramon. You look at Owen hart and macho man as two guys that I would have out ahead of him. I understand that he’s turning his life around and that’s a good reasoning for his induction.


The Undertaker – Brock Lesnar Segments, thoughts?
Andrews Take: Classic Undertaker stuff here. The Druids and the casket is what the “Dead Man” is all about. Give it up to Lesnar for taking bumps though. He landed on top of the casket in this segment. Part timer or not, dude earns his money.

Mike Take: I don’t know what to think about all this. It was very easy for CM Punk to have the upper-hand every week going into WrestleMania last year, but it’s much tougher with Lesnar. Punk was able to do it with mind games, Lesnar has to get physical, but The Undertaker can’t get too physical before April 6. It took way too long for The Undertaker to come out, even for him, and once he did come out the segment was over a minute later. The two guys in the feud make it interesting, the booking does not.

Stephen Take:  I liked the segment. But I still want to see lesnar get more physical with taker so it can be kind of up in the air about the match. Right now taker has dominated and he’s obviously winning so why have taker keep dominating?


With AJ Lee having to defend her title against every Diva on the roster, does it make you more interested in the match at WrestleMania 30?
Andrews Take: If you want to stack the odds against AJ then fine, if you want to add four girls to fight her then fine. To have Rosa Mendes, Eva Marie added to a Diva’s title at WrestleMania 30 is just crapping all over any prestige (If Any) that the title had. Also, why would you put divas in a title match that either have been losing every week (Aksana & Alicia Fox) or women who have not been on TV in a while in it? I think this just shows you what WWE thinks of that Division.

Mike Take: Good for the Divas, it’s a WrestleMania payday. The final four in this match will be AJ, Nikki, Naomi and probably Tamina, with Natalya being the last person out. That puts AJ and Tamina possibly at odds, and gives them something to run with on Total Divas. The title has long been destined for a Total Diva.

Stephen Take: Hey, at least the Divas are all getting some Mania time. That’s about all I can get out of this match. I would have loved to see AJ and Lita especially with her Hall of Fame induction. But this is something.


Since CM Punk Is Gone From WWE, Is Bray Wyatt The Best Promo Guy In WWE Right Now?
Andrews Take: No doubt about it. Ever since Bray was in NXT and really developed this character, everything he has said is gold. What is a shame and quite scary is people on Twitter complaining that he can’t cut a promo. Yes, they might be very few and defiantly not the majority. But people we are witnessing something great.

Mike Take: Paul Heyman is the best promo guy in WWE and the entire business, and it’s not even close. Bray’s are very good, and he has really taken a step forward in his feud with Cena, but he needs to develop a way of speaking that is still true to his character, but can be understood by everybody. “All praise be to the virtue of Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect” is one of the greatest lines on WWE TV in a while, but there’s a reason it’s been played by WWE so much, and that is because it is one of the only things he has said that anybody could understand. He’s at the top, but he’s not the man yet. I would make a case for Randy Orton over the past few months, as being the best, Bray’s on his way though.

Stephen Take: I do agree with this, especially when you hear that Bray does his own promos. He just leaves me on the edge of my seat every time.


Give Your Early Predictions on Batista vs. Randy Orton Next Week On Raw
Andrews Take: There are two ways this can end either Batista wins to give fans more doubt in Randy Orton or there is interference and this match ends in a no contest.

Mike Take: Orton should win, it may not be clean, but he should win. He seems like he is the least likely to leave with the title, between him, Batista, Daniel Bryan, and Triple H, so he should look the strongest going in.

Stephen Take: I see the interference factor. Just can’t imagine that this needs to end cleanly. I would imagine all four people get a strong moment out of a final segment next Monday.

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