TNA: Fantasy Booking The Wolves


The Wolves joined TNA on an episode of Impact Wrestling in January of 2014. Formerly known as The American Wolves, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards made a name for themselves on the independent scene with much of their most recognized work coming in Ring of Honor.

The Wolves might just be the best tag team in the world right now, so TNA has something very special on their hands. They have already made a major mistake with The Wolves, but they somewhat fixed it as well. On February 23rd, The Wolves beat The Bro-Mans for the TNA World Tag Team Championship on a house show, the day of the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, and the day before the WWE Network launch. The news got buried by everything else going on.

TNA did their best to fix it when they had The Bro-Mans regain the titles at a One Night Only taping before The Wolves were ever on TV with the belts.

The Wolves have been impressing everybody. Whether it be their shocking debut when they went over Dixie Carter’s head and signed with the “mystery investor”, being part of the “mystery investor” MVP’s debut, or their stellar matches, including their involvement in the Lethal Lockdown match on the Lockdown pay-per-view.

Due to rumors, I’m going to write this assuming that Bad Influence isn’t in TNA much longer as Christopher Daniels’ contract expires in April, and Kazarian’s expires some time after. Ideally, The Wolves would feud with them first, but that seems unlikely to happen.

First, The Wolves should continue to feud with the team of Sanada and Tigre Uno. The Wolves need to stay away from the titles and let the TNA audience get familiar with them, the same goes for Sanada and Tigre. Thanks to all their time in the independents, Richards and Edwards are very familiar with the Japanese style of Sanada, and the Lucha libre style of Tigre, so those four could put on some really good, exciting matches.

However, Sanada will also have to wrestle matches on his own, as he is the current X-Division Champion. While he’s doing that, The Wolves are already built into a storyline, and could start having matches with the likes of EC3, and possibly Samoa Joe if TNA turns him heel.

TNA’s next PPV is Sacrifice on April 27th. That pay-per-view is when The Wolves should win the title. Just weeks after WrestleMania, and a week before Extreme Rules, TNA should excite the internet wrestling fans by making The Wolves tag team champions. This is a good time to do it as it is in a thin part of the WWE schedule, not in the thick of it like last time.

The Wolves should have a long run with the titles, possibly up to year, in order to add some credibility. They could take on challengers like Sanada and Tigre, and a possibly reunited Beer Money, among others. TNA would be wise to bring in some other ROH tag teams, like The Briscoes, Adrenaline Rush, reDRagon, maybe even The Young Bucks (formerly known as Generation Me in TNA).

Finally, TNA should wait until just after WrestleMania 31 to excite the hardcore fans again, have The Wolves lose the title, turn Richards heel, have him become TNA World Heavyweight Champion, rekindling one of the best feuds in ROH history, Davey vs. Eddie.

These two had some epic clashes in ROH, and them feuding with each other for a couple of months could be an exciting end to their year and a half long run in TNA. A run like that could get TNA some love from the hardcore fans who constantly put TNA down. Hopefully, after all that, Richards and Edwards would stick around and be TNA mainstays for a long time.

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